My Neighbor Alice Marketplace Exciting Update : Here's what you need to Know

My Neighbor Alice recently announced that their marketplace is now open to the public, where they may see, trade, and list all of their Alice NFTs.

Sep 27, 2022
by Anvi Saini
My Neighbor Alice Marketplace Exciting Update : Here's what you need to Know

To begin, you may sell or buy Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) obtained from Animals, Alpha Season 1 prizes, and Binance's Mystery Boxes.

Steps to Buy and Sell NFTs on in-game Secondary Marketplace

Step 1:Choose the NFT you want to buy and sell the click “Place your bid.”

Step 2: After placing your bid, you must first approve the transaction.

Step 3: Once the transaction has been confirmed and the fees have been paid (please have some BNB on hand), you will be required to confirm your offer. After confirming your Bid will be successfully placed.

Step 4: If you win the bid, your NFT will be shown in the "Bids" section, where you can claim your NFT and authenticate it on your Metamask.

Step 5: By clicking on the upper right-hand corner of your Wallet address and choosing "View Profile," you will be able to view all of your NFTs. All of your NFTs will be shown, and you can check which ones you possess.

NFTs may be filtered by category so to make navigation easier. Players can select 'equippable objects' to view mystery boxes, costumes, hats, shoes, garments, shirts, and other stuff.

Having all of your NFTs in one location means you can view your plot(s) (if you have any) when you visit your profile. Please remember that not all mystery box tokens have yet been minted and may still be available on Binance Marketplace. You may simply import them if they are still available on the Binance Marketplace.

About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer social online game where you craft items, acquire resources, and express yourself creatively. Players create their virtual territories, engage with their neighbors, participate in interesting daily activities, and win prizes along the way.

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