Mythical Games to Feature Two New Games On Its Platform

Epic Spell Wars and Nitro Nation will leverage the secured and blockchain-based platform to boost performance and earnings.

Jun 22, 2022
by Michael
Mythical Games to Feature Two New Games On Its Platform

Mythical Games has announced two P2E Games that will run on its blockchain-based platform by 2023. The games include Epic Spell Wars: Magic Fight and Nitro Nation – World Tour. Mythical Games platforms secure new players through a custodial wallet for their digital items and allow established players to connect this wallet to others.

Jamie Jackson, the co-founder and chief creative officer of Mythical games, said: 

“We’re stoked to announce a milestone moment about to hit the horizon, where we embark on a new chapter with more games, stronger partnerships, and fun, outlandish experiences. We’re partnering up and elevating the franchise to new heights with our proprietary blockchain technology in Nitro Nations World Tour. Then you’ll be able to take it to a whole other dimension with Epic Spell Wars: Magic Fight and battle to be the ultimate wizard. “ 

Nitro Nation – World Tour

Nitro Nation: World Tour is a racing game developed by independent publisher Creative Mobile. In this game, players across the globe can customize their cars and enter racing competitions where they can win the opponent’s car. 

The Creative Mobile CEO and co-founder said:

“We’ve been making racing games for over a decade now and are thrilled to innovate on our Nitro Nation franchise in partnership with Mythical. We will be bringing true ownership to the worldwide community of millions of competitive racing fans.”

Epic Spell Wars: Magic Fight

Epic Spell Wars: Magic Fight is a trading card game made by CCG Lab – a top video game developer of digital collectible games and an arm of Cryptozoic -and will also be available on PC by 2023. In this card battle game, players earn digital collectibles when they play. 

Co-founder of Cryptozoic Entertainment, Cory Jones, said:

"Partnering with Mythical lets us leverage on their best-in-class Blockchain platform and removes the heavy lifting to get this game to an all new digital audience."

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