Mythical Marketplace Introduces New 'Offers' Feature for Enhanced Trading Experience

Empowering Gamers: Mythical Marketplace Introduces Personalized 'Offers' for Enhanced Trading Dynamics.

Aug 12, 2023
by Michael
Mythical Marketplace Introduces New 'Offers' Feature for Enhanced Trading Experience

Mythical Games has unveiled plans to revolutionize its Mythical Marketplace with the introduction of an innovative "Offers" feature. This game-changing addition empowers players with the ability to propose personalized purchase offers for digital commodities within the platform.

Termed as "Instant Sell," the initial phase of this feature's rollout enables players to submit offers for items that are currently available for purchase on the Mythical Marketplace. Should a seller opt to accept the offered price, the transaction swiftly concludes, with the respective funds seamlessly transferred to the buyer's digital wallet.

The future phases of this feature are set to extend beyond the confines of listed items, allowing players to enter negotiations for products not actively for sale. This extension promises to instill a fair and equitable pricing dynamic within the Mythical Marketplace, ensuring both buyers and sellers experience a more balanced and engaging trading environment.

The intrinsic value of the Offers feature holds immense promise, enhancing the Mythical Marketplace's allure to all participants. Empowering users with the autonomy to stipulate prices fosters a sense of control over transactions, likely leading to heightened sales activities and subsequently, amplified profits for Mythical Games.

Crucial insights into the functioning of the Offers feature are as follows:

  1. Players can extend offers for any product available on the Mythical Marketplace.
  2. Offers must adhere to a minimum threshold of being 5% below the listed price of the item.
  3. Sellers maintain the discretion to accept or decline offers based on their preference.
  4. Accepted offers lead to immediate sales and fund transfers to the buyer's wallet.
  5. The feature's rollout follows a phased approach, commencing with the "Instant Sell" phase.
  6. During the "Instant Sell" phase, players are limited to offering on existing marketplace listings.
  7. Future phases will encompass the capability to propose offers on items not actively listed for sale.

The Offers feature emerges as a pivotal stride forward for the Mythical Marketplace, destined to cultivate greater appeal among both buyers and sellers. Empowering users to steer transactions according to their desired pricing resonates as a potent tool, foreshadowing intensified sales traction and augmented revenues for Mythical Games.

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