Axie Infinity Partners with NAS Academy to Introduce the Creator Academy Fellowship

The Academy is specifically for Axie Infinity community members and will host a 3-month fellowship plus 2-month mentorship.

Jun 21, 2022
by Michael
Axie Infinity Partners with NAS Academy to Introduce the Creator Academy Fellowship

Nas Academy is funding fellowships for 200 Axie Infinity creators to participate in its Academy. This strategy came into play because there was a perceived lack of educational resources for Axie content creators despite their immense value and contribution to the Web3 space.

In a tweet, Axie Infinity said, 

“We believe in nurturing growth amongst our community members. Today, we’re announcing 200 fully-funded fellowships for creators to participate in Nas Academy’s new Creator Academy, designed specifically for Axie Infinity.”

The Creator Academy

The new Academy is explicitly built for Axie Infinity members and is different but complementary to QU3ST's Axie Creator program. It will be a leading training ground for content creators. The fellowship program will be for three months, and participants will be able to develop or add essential skills. 

These skills may include editing videos end-to-end on mobile, crafting interesting scripts to engage the audience, generating premium content, maximizing and optimizing social media, using smartphones to film top-quality videos, branding, monetization, and content strategy.  

Creators will also go through a mentorship program for two months, where they will practice and implement what they have learned in the program. Registration is now open on the Nas Academy site and will close on July 20th.

About Nas Academy

Nas Academy has a mission to build creators using technology. The Academy has made a name for itself in the teaching world through its better technology, engaging teachers, and top-class learning experiences. 

The Academy helps creators with a platform to teach the value they have and earn. Learners are never short of learning as there is something for everyone in the Academy. It also houses experts on different subject matters that will be instrumental to the growth of businesses.

The Nas Academy is committed to the growth of Axie Infinity, and will continue to re-invest in its community and its partners.

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