Neuramon On-Chain Game v0.2 Unveiled: A Closer Look at the Exciting Features

Neuramon's experimental v0.2 update introduces exciting features like Daily AI Filters, First Unidragon availability, and thrilling on-chain tournaments. Players can craft unique monsters, engage in strategic battles, and explore diverse move sets.

Sep 16, 2023
by Michael
Neuramon On-Chain Game v0.2 Unveiled: A Closer Look at the Exciting Features

Neuramon, the experimental on-chain game, has recently released its highly-anticipated v0.2 update, and it's making waves in the blockchain gaming community. Building upon the foundation of its previous version, Neuramon v0.2 brings an array of novel features, enhancing gameplay and introducing exciting possibilities for players.

Daily AI Filters: Unleash Your Creativity

One of the standout features of the Neuramon v0.2 update is the introduction of Daily AI Filters. Each day, a unique filter is incorporated into the AI prompt for monster creation, and it comes with a 10% chance of being applied. These filters add a layer of unpredictability and creativity to the game, as players can now craft monsters with distinctive traits and attributes.

For instance, a green dragon might be created using the "Puzzle" filter, resulting in a creature that embodies the essence of both mystery and strategy. The Daily AI Filters promise to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, with players eagerly anticipating each day's filter announcement.

The First Unidragon: A Coveted Addition

In Neuramon v0.2, players now have the thrilling opportunity to draw the elusive First Unidragon. However, there's a catch—players can only access this mythical creature if they've previously acquired "First Unidragon Chances" during an adventure. These chances are automatically applied during subsequent pack openings.

The specifics of how this works are shrouded in mystery, and Neuramon enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting further details to emerge via Twitter. The prospect of owning a First Unidragon adds an exciting layer of rarity and exclusivity to the game, motivating players to embark on more adventures.

Tournaments: Enter the Arena of On-Chain Battles

Perhaps the most significant addition in Neuramon v0.2 is the integration of on-chain battles through tournaments. This feature ushers in a new era of competition and strategy within the game. However, a word of caution accompanies this exciting development: players are advised to participate only with monsters they can afford to lose.

Here's how Neuramon tournaments work:

Deposit Phase: Players deposit their monsters, similar to the process for adventures. However, unlike adventures where the monster is eventually returned, losing a monster in a tournament results in it being reverse-swapped, awarding the PMON to the victor.

Matchmaking Phase: After initiating a tournament, a matchmaking session begins. Players can submit a smart contract call to set matches for their crew. Opponents are auto-assigned, but it's essential to verify matches to avoid unintended forfeits.

Battle Rounds: Each round provides a window for players to decide on offensive or defensive moves. These moves remain encrypted until all participants submit their decisions. Once revealed, damage is calculated based on participants' choices.

Endgame: The tournament continues until a set number of monsters are defeated. The monster with the highest number of kills secures 75% of the PMON taken from defeated creatures. Additionally, defeating a single monster instantly earns the player 25% of its PMON. Surviving monsters can be retrieved post-tournament.

These tournaments introduce a strategic dimension to Neuramon, as players must carefully plan their moves and anticipate their opponents' strategies. The stakes are high, but the rewards are equally enticing.

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