New to Galaxy Fight Club - Redeem P2E Rewards with a Simple Process

Galaxy Fight Club announces that players can now redeem their P2E rewards to get on-chain ERC-1155 key fragments. After getting these fragments, players can combine them to create a full key, and open loot boxes or access weapon loots from the same.

Sep 13, 2022
by Anvi Saini
New to Galaxy Fight Club - Redeem P2E Rewards with a Simple Process

Players Earn In-Game Key Fragments while Playing

Galaxy Fight Club players can earn gold key fragments only after winning the matches. To win, they need a character or a weapon that has the right amount of energy for the gameplay. Plus, the gold key fragments have a drop rate of 10% from the matches won. 

The players get 10 energy points every 24 hours, and they are consumed with gameplay. Each energy point lets the players play one match. Until the character or weapon has energy left, they will win gold keys. After all the energy is consumed, the players will switch to default winnings, that is, silver keys.

How to Redeem the In-Game Key Fragments?

To redeem the key fragments, visit the Galaxy Fight Club website and connect the wallet to the game system. Choose from the given wallet extensions after clicking on “Connect Wallet.”

Once the wallet is connected, the players can see the redeemable fragments available. Clicking on Mint will begin the minting process. Click on Confirm in the wallet extension window, and the keys are now redeemed.

The players can also craft keys from the same window. However, instead of clicking on Fragment Redeem, the players must click on Key Craft.

Accessing Lootbox Rewards

To open the loot box, first, open this link and connect the wallet with the game. From here, players need to click on Use Key under the type of Genesis Key they want to use.

With this, the players can also select the number of keys they wish to use for the process. First-time users will have to approve the contract to use the key NFT and approve the contract for GCOIN charges. 200 GCOIN are charged and burnt for every transaction. 

Wait for transaction confirmation, and once approved, the players will be able to access the loot box rewards. 

About Galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a real-time PvP game meant to combine different NFT projects. Players who do not own an NFT can also play. The players here are supposed to fight, win matches, and earn assets. 

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