New Updates on the Sunflower Land Roadmap and Land Expansion

The most popular crypto farming game will soon receive a significant update.  Among the many changes coming to Sunflower Territory are the introduction of limited energy, new materials, wearables, and land expansion. All of the team's changes to the project have been reflected in the amended roadmap.

Nov 5, 2022
by Anvi Saini
New Updates on the Sunflower Land  Roadmap and Land Expansion

Currently, each player's farm has the exact same amount of area and grid layout as every other player's. However, that will soon change with the introduction of new features. 

Moreover, farmers will need to arrange their farm's layout and manage their limited area in addition to making decisions about which crops to grow or which animals to nurture. With upgrades, Sunflower Land will more closely resemble other farming games. 

The new part of Sunflower Land, the Sunflower Isles, is where every player's adventure will begin. After a certain point is reached, expanding to an island becomes available.

Introduction of Wearables

Sunflower Land's gameplay will also be affected by another new addition: wearables. Each participant will start the game with a Bumpkin NFT that is customized with a variety of Semi Fungible Tokens (SFTs), such as various hats and pants. Given that, players can raise Bumpkin's level by feeding, which will also have a certain amount of energy.

Moving along, players can mint their Bumpkins and outfit them with SFTs from or OpenSea. Since this year's benefits will not affect existing farms, it may be wise to coin the Bumpkin and equip it in anticipation of the upcoming upgrade. This will bring Sunflower Land closer to role-playing games and open up new avenues for agricultural methods. 

Sunflower Land is one of the most played crypto farm games. Beginning with a very limited amount of land, players may expand their options by providing goblins with their favorite foods. In the future, players will be able to raise animals like cows and chickens and collect materials like iron and wood.

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