NFL Rivals Launches Monster Smash & Reveals Program Lineup

The Monster Smash program for NFL Rivals is now live, with new details now available that reveal the program’s lineup, weekly prize pools, and more.

Oct 1, 2023
by Dragan
NFL Rivals Launches Monster Smash & Reveals Program Lineup

The NFL Rivals team, Mythical Games, has officially kicked off the Halloween-themed Monster Smash program, revealing us new details to give us everything we need to know to enjoy this event.

Monster Smash Program Launch Details

Monster Smash kicked off on Thursday, September 28th, and brings with it a new currency specifically made for this program. It’s suitably called Candy, and you can only earn it in weekly special events that include the following: Trick or Treat events, Hero events, and Costume Party events.

Trick or Treat events begin on each Thursday and anyone can participate in them, while Hero events begin on Saturdays and require that your lineups meet certain entry requirements. As for Costume Party events, they start every Tuesday and can only be entered by having a specific base card. You’ll be able to get the designated base card through the Connect Store.

The Connect Store is set to feature various cards that can be bought with Candy, all to be available in limited supply. In the official announcement, it’s suggested to not spend your earned Candy too early, as there will be a Mythical card up for grabs through the store that players will be able to buy only using Candy. If you miss out on that one, then you’ll have a chance at getting Legendary and Epic LE cards and Blueprints using Candy. Special packs and base cards will be up for grabs as well.

Each week comes with a finite prize pool of Candy that players can earn a share off. The weekly prize pool seems to apply to all special events for that particular week, with no indications in the announcement as to which event offers higher rewards, but assuming the structure of each type of event, you’ll probably see the ones containing entry criteria to have higher rewards.

Program Lineup

The developers have formed a list of players who’ve had exceptional performances that you may want to get in order to create a lineup that will spook away every team that stands in your way. A player card’s rarity depends on their performance, so those who have higher rarity are the ones that stood out from the rest, with the team clarifying that the Legendary rarity for this program contains Luminous player cards. There are multiple lists in the official announcement, but here are the Legendary players you may want to scoop up:

  • Kenneth Walker, RB for the Seattle Seahawks
  • Cooper Kupp, WR for the LA Rams
  • Christian Kirk, WR for the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kyle Pitts, TE for the Atlanta Falcons
  • David Bakhtiari, OL for the Green Bay Packers
  • Bradley Chubb, DE for the Miami Dolphins
  • Vita Vea, DT for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Demario Davis, LB for the New Orleans Saints
  • Tariq Woolen, CB for the Seattle Seahawks
  • Budda Baker, FS for the Arizona Cardinals

As for Monster Smash chase players, Derrick Henry, an RB for the Tennessee Titan, and Aaron Donald, a DT for the LA Rams, are the Mythical player cards you’ll likely want to add to your lineup.

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