NFT Tech Collaborates With Sony Hawk-Eye Innovations for Sports NFTs

NFT Technologies and Sony's Hawk-Eye Innovations have announced a partnership to connect live sports data to the massive potential of the sports NFT market.

Aug 9, 2022
by Anvi Saini
NFT Tech Collaborates With Sony Hawk-Eye Innovations for Sports NFTs

Through its subsidiary Hawk-Eye Innovations, Sony Sports is looking into the possibility of utilising blockchain technology to connect fans with one another and their favourite teams in novel ways.

NFT Tech is excited to work with Hawk-Eye on what some people call the future of sports. They were the first company to connect live sports data with sports NFTs, and their work on the Australian Open AO Artball won them a Cannes Lion award.

Fantasy sports is indeed a rapidly growing industry. Over sixty million people play each year, and analysts predict that the industry will be worth $2 billion by 2028.

There are currently more than 20 sports that use Hawk Eye's services. These sports include ball sports, athletics, horse racing, and even motorsports.

Ball tracking is now being used for strategy analysis and scouting. Multi-angle watching of games on TV and in movies is also being thought about, which shows that Hawk-Eye is getting more useful.

More about Sony

Sony is the biggest tech and media company in Japan. It makes more than US$80B a year, with US$24B coming from gaming and network services. Sony Sports is looking into how blockchain technology can connect fans to each other and their favourite teams in ways that have never been done before.

Adam De Cata, NFT Tech CEO said,

"Sports Leagues worldwide are constantly looking for ways to increase viewership and connect deeper with fantasy sports is extremely popular and acts as a huge viewership increase, encouraging the middle segment of fans to stay engaged during the regular season. We’re excited to be joined by Sony as we pioneer unique blockchain use cases for the sporting and entertainment industry.”

About NFT Technology

NFT Tech works to build infrastructure, assets, real estate, and intellectual property (IP) in the metaverse. They also make P2E and M2E games and generate revenue from them, and they bring insights and benefits to public markets. NFT Tech is bringing decentralised ownership, NFTs, and the metaverse into the mainstream by connecting traditional capital markets to the Web3 space. Among their current projects are starting the GOAT Guild and Fuku.

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