Nine Chronicles Announces Latest Updates Premiering “World Boss”

The recently released 'World Boss' is Nine Chronicles' first feature in which several players may engage at the same time. Players may now collaborate and compete for higher and better prizes simultaneously.

Oct 1, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Nine Chronicles Announces Latest Updates Premiering “World Boss”

The Total HP of the World Boss, Fenrir, is now divided among the participants under "Global HP." Each combat's damage will be added to and deducted from the Global HP. After the World Boss is defeated, a more powerful World Boss will be recreated for future challenges.

The prizes increase as more adventurers join the battle and beat more and more bosses.

Major Update Points

On-Season: 1 Week, Off-Season: 2 Weeks (100,800 Blocks) (50,400 Blocks). The off-seasons for the Arena will be used for World Boss seasons. Additionally, the World Boss will be released after Stage 50 is finished. Each battle has five waves, and as you advance, the boss gets stronger. Not only this, but each player also receives three tickets each day (7,200 Blocks). Using $NCG tokens, future ticket purchases will be possible.

When a battle is completed, participants are given a "Battle Grade." There are five grades in total, with the highest being 'S-Grade,' followed by A, B, C, and D-Grade. Such grades will have an impact on incentive programs. More importantly, the World Boss will levy a crystal entry fee. The entry fee will be determined by character level.

Different types of rewards are available to players

Players can obtain rewards from the World Boss in a variety of ways:

  • Boss Kill Reward: The participating players will get the Boss Kill Reward once the boss has been killed. The prize will be determined by the number of participants and their positions.
  • Battle Reward: Individual battles will have their own set of rewards. The reward will be distributed instantly after the combat. The reward will be distributed instantly after the combat.
  • Seasonal Rewards: Seasonal Rewards will be distributed at the end of the season. The rewards will differ depending on your rating and monster collecting level.
  • Battle Grade Reward: Each time you advance to the next grade, you will get a Battle Grade Reward. In other words, if you begin with B-Grade but go to A-Grade, you will be rewarded. This award will be updated seasonally.



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