Nine Chronicles Drops First Look at its NFTs: Allowlist Applications are Live

Apart from the NFT sneak peek, Nine Chronicles also revealed how you could grab an early spot to mint them before everyone else.

Aug 11, 2022
by Akira Ming
Nine Chronicles Drops First Look at its NFTs: Allowlist Applications are Live

What do Nine Chronicles' NFTs look like? 

Planetarium Labs' flagship blockchain RPG Nine Chronicles revealed plans to launch its NFT PFP project two weeks ago. After much anticipation, the team behind the AAA title finally dropped a sneak peek of those PFPs, with Allowlist applications now going live. Let's take a closer look!

In essence, these NFTs will serve as players' alter egos in the realm of Nine Chronicles. Apart from acting as unique in-game costumes, these PFPs will also provide access to a secret society run by D:CC or De:Centralized Cat. Special in-game items, voting powers, and exclusive currencies are some of the perks reserved for D:CC members. 

If you haven't seen it, here's a first look at Nine Chronicles' NFT PFPs!

How to get on the Allowlist? 

One thing's for sure is that terms like "whitelist" and "allowlist" are taboo in the world of Nine Chronicles. Instead, the ancient cats in D:CC prefer to go with "Pionyan List", a combination of "Pioneer" and "Nyan". 

So, how to get yourself on the Pionyan List? You can either take part in one of the two Pionyan Programs or "Paw-Picked" by the team in a few ways. 

Pionyan Program No. 1

To begin with, Pionyan Program No. 1 is a special allowlist program for players that have reached level 50+ in Nine Chronicles. It just started yesterday and will run for two weeks until August 24th at 09:09 PM (KST). With 999 spots available, users must follow the below rules to grab their spots: 

  1. Guaranteed Allowlist: Reached level 50+ in Nine Chronicles AND hold 1,000 WNCG (Wrapped Nine Chronicles Gold) tokens. 
  2. Raffle for Allowlist or waitlist: Reached level 50+ in Nine Chronicles but do not have 1,000 WNCG tokens. 

For each spot on the Allowlist, you can mint one PFP before everyone else. 

Other ways to secure early spots to mint Nine Chronicles NFT PFPs

There are no details yet on the second Pionyan Program. But players can increase their chances to be Paw-Picked in the following ways: 

  1. Fill out the email collection form by Nine Chronicles, OR;
  2. Actively participate in various D:CC Discord Community AND Twitter activities, OR;
  3. Discover secret notes in different D:CC Discord channels or take part in quizzes and pop-up events. 

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