Nine Chronicles Presents one of the Biggest and Most Historical Updates Till Date

Nine Chronicles’ new update comes bearing great news for the community. Now, World 6: Jotunheim is accessible. Plus, there are new features like Super Crafting, and the gamers can now take a day off at Monster Island, which is a special summer event.

Aug 23, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Nine Chronicles Presents one of the Biggest and Most Historical Updates Till Date

From adding a new world to bringing in several new features, this is one of the most historical updates of the game so far. 

Exploring a New World - Jotunheim

Jutonheim is a new world taking inspiration from Norse mythology. It has deep mountains and motifs from dark caverns and big trolls. The players and warriors have to battle countless trolls. By defeating the trolls, the players will earn several rewards. 

In addition to this, the game has 50 new stages, 6 new food, 4 materials, and 26 new equipment. The new equipment is 2X better than the previous ones, but it will also take double the time in crafting, and it will also take double the materials for the same.

Also, crafting equipment without options will be faster than the World 5. But when players use options, it will take more time than in the previous world. 

The Summer Event - Monster Island

Monster Island in Nine Chronicles is an event where players will fight monsters. The cat warriors will pass through 20 stages, with each stage representing a different level. 

The stages will also cater to players with different levels. The first five stages will cater to players of 50+ level; the next 50 will cater to players with 100+ level, and so on. The event will run within blocks of 4,802,000 to 4,967,000, and every day 7200 blocks will be refilled. 

Super Crafting for Better Equipment Formation

Relative to World 5, the crafting functionality in World 6 is enhanced to great lengths. The Super Craft feature provides users with Hammer Point while crafting. The players can now save the hammer points and then use them for crafting. But the Super Craft will only be available after collecting enough hammer points. 

The good thing is that now players don’t need crystals for Super Crafting. The required Hammer points are enough for Super Crafting. 

About Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is a fantasy-inspired MMORPG game. The game was released in 2020 and is built in a manner that will never end. It's an infinitely moddable game, and the community together manages everything.  The story is about the Goddess Freya, and the players are supposed to help the goddess fight evil. 

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