Nissan and Seattle's Space Needle Enters the Web3 Space

The company that owns the Seattle Icon, Space Needle, applied for a trademark in order to enter the NFT market.

Nov 6, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Nissan and Seattle's Space Needle Enters the Web3 Space

Animoca Brands announced a relationship with Nissan this week via Grease Monkey Games, its Australia-based video game development business. Nissan will exhibit its first utility NFTs as a result of the partnership. Moreover, the company submitted 5 trademark applications on October 27 to provide NFT-based products, per trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis' latest tweet.

According to Michael Kondoudis's tweet, the owner of Seattle's Space Needle also submitted a trademark registration. The trademark was registered in order to provide multimedia files with artwork based on the Space Needle that will be NFT-authorised.

At this moment, it is uncertain how the NFT utilities will be deployed. However, it might be related to the building's tours, lounges or events.

All in all, Nissan has registered trademarks for its vital car models, including the Z, SKYLINE, and GTR. Nissan is looking for visibility in the metaverse, Web3, and NFT based on the application. The company intends to provide-

  • NFTs and NFT-supported media 
  • Online NFT markets and digital wallets
  • NFT minting, trading, and storing NFT 

According to the specifications, Nissan will utilize the trademarks in various sectors related to non-fungible tokens. The offers will be delivered in the form of downloaded media assets like films, photographs, and more. These items will be able to validate NFTs. Not to mention, Nissan is also planning to develop an online NFT marketplace that would allow interested parties to buy and trade NFTs.

The growing interest in NFTs and Web3 among Firms

VISA has registered NFT and metaverse trademarks in order to provide crypto wallets. Previously, Western Union expressed crypto exchange, interest in brokerage, and transfer.

Toyota also in the past announced its intention to enter the metaverse. The corporation wants to create a virtual working environment for its employees. However, Nissan intends to employ Virtual Reality to provide virtual rooms to its clients, which will be built by VRChat, a video game development business.

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