OASYX & 2xj Unveil Virtua Fighter-Inspired NFTs on Oasys Blockchain

OASYX, a revolutionary NFT project for gamers built on the Oasys blockchain, has teamed up with Web3 Tech Creative Studio 2xj for its first NFT collection.

Mar 22, 2023
by Anvi Saini
OASYX & 2xj Unveil Virtua Fighter-Inspired NFTs on Oasys Blockchain

The collection will be inspired by the Virtua Fighter series of fighting games launched by Sega-AM2 in 1993. It will include the characters designed by GODTAIL and created by 2xj with a "Cyber x Japanese" aesthetic.

Collaboration with Virtua Fighter

The collection will feature 1,000 limited-edition VF "MAYU" NFTs from the first three Virtua Fighter series. Moreover, these NFTs will be part of OASYX's initial NFT collection, including 10,000 characters. As per the creators, the NFT collection will serve as the foundation for future Metaverse avatars. Yu Suzuki will handle the overall theme and art direction of this inaugural NFT series. He is a Japanese game producer who led Sega's AM2 team for 18 years alongside GODTAIL.

Future NFT Launches

Additional collections will follow the initial one, with the launch of a series 2 of NFTs with relevant uses, such as:  

  • fashion items, 
  • new characters, and 
  • in-game gadgets. 

The roadmap on the OASYX website indicates that this series 2 will be introduced in May 2023.

Oasys Blockchain and PoS Consensus Mechanism

Oasys blockchain's unique architecture provides a user-friendly gameplay experience for blockchain gamers. Further, it speeds up transactions and eliminates transaction fees. Also, the Oasys blockchain uses an environmentally friendly PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. The early validators (node operators) include 21 big gaming firms, such as Bandai Namco Research Institute and another web 3 companies.

Excitement for the Collaboration

Yu Suzuki, who supervised the creative worldview of OASYX, stated his delight for the Virtua Fighter series' integration of NFTs and blockchain technologies, which he initially developed using innovative 3D computer graphics technology during his time as a director at SEGA. The NFT collection announcement by OASYX has created a buzz among NFT fans. Many web3 and NFT enthusiasts are appreciating the Virtua Fighter series and are looking forward to it.

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