Outer Ring Crafting System Is Live

The new crafting system allows Outer Ring players to create a variety of different weapon and armor NFTs through a 3-step process: creation, styling, and assembly.

Nov 4, 2023
by Dragan
Outer Ring Crafting System Is Live

The crafting system for Outer Ring, a sci-fi action MMORPG, is now live and available for use on browsers.

Crafting System Details

By heading to the Crafting section of the browser-based dapp linked in the below tweet and connecting your wallet there, you’ll be able to use the new system that allows you to create NFTs using various materials. The assets you can craft include weapons and armor.

The system is divided into 3 steps: creation, styling, and assembly.


In the first step, you have to choose from one of 3 different crafters, each separated by their own tier. Next, you pick the weapon or armor you’d like to create. When choosing a weapon such as an assault rifle, you get to decide whether it should be a laser or non-laser type. There are 9 types of armor and 13 different weapons available for creating. Once you decide, you will see what resources you need to start this first step, with the system also showing how many materials you have available. The game has 16 different materials, and according to the FAQ, you can get them through material Farms (providing liquidity), staking GQ in specific pools, as well as by staking “NFTs of Lands in the new material extraction pools.” If you have any materials you don’t need, then you can also try swapping them for some other tokenized resource using the DeFi section on the dapp.

With the necessary materials, you can commence this creation process, which lasts 4 hours if you choose a Tier 1 crafter, 8 hours for Tier 2, and 12 hours for Tier 3.


As the name of this second step signifies, here is where you get to adjust the appearance of your NFT. If it’s a weapon, there are various parts of it that you can choose to specifically adjust. There are 3 design pools you can transfer your asset to, but if you want to further customize your weapon with accessories, signs and under-barrel items, then you will have to pay an additional cost. Based on the NFT’s characteristics, this styling or design process will take up between 4 to 12 hours.


Last but not least is the final part of the crafting system in which you pick an engineer to put everything into place to successfully craft your NFT. You can choose from 5 different engineers that differ by their experience, and as such affect the chances of crafting a rarer item. There are also 3 tiers here that also have a play in the percentages, but also in the fee you’ll have to pay to the engineer using GQ tokens – only the Trainee Engineer is free across all tiers. As with the second step, this process lasts between 4 to 12 hours based on the NFT’s properties.

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