Paradise Tycoon: Navigating Towards iOS - Become an Exclusive Tester

Paradise Tycoon, the tropical paradise-building game, is coming to iOS. Be an exclusive tester; testing starts in September. Only an iOS device is required. Enjoy early access, influence the game's development, join a gaming community, and even earn recognition.

Sep 15, 2023
by Michael
Paradise Tycoon: Navigating Towards iOS - Become an Exclusive Tester

The gaming realm is about to witness a momentous event as Paradise Tycoon, the enticing world of tropical paradises, is poised to dock on iOS. For avid gamers and tycoon enthusiasts eager to shape this virtual Eden, an opportunity beckons. Join the select testing crew and be part of Paradise Tycoon's maiden voyage on iOS.

Sailing into Uncharted Waters: When Does Testing Begin?

As the iOS embarkation of Paradise Tycoon is readied for the open seas, the testing phase unfurls this September. In a meticulous approach, testers will be invited progressively. This method ensures a diverse range of user experiences, paving the way to iron out any kinks while enhancing the gameplay.

Becoming a tester for Paradise Tycoon on iOS is a simple process. To join the journey, complete a straightforward Google Form. Await your exclusive invitation, which, when extended, will furnish you with comprehensive instructions to set sail on this thrilling odyssey.

Navigating the Requirements: What's Needed for Your Journey?

The philosophy behind Paradise Tycoon is one of accessibility and simplicity. To earn your place as a tester, you require just one essential element:

An iOS Device: Whether your trusty companion is a cutting-edge iPhone or a steadfast iPad, as long as it runs iOS, you're well-prepared for this adventure.

No technical prowess or intricate gadgets are needed. The goal is to make your journey into shaping Paradise Tycoon as easy and enjoyable as possible. Participating in the Paradise Tycoon testing team comes with an enticing array of advantages:

Early Access: Enlist as a tester, and you'll be among the initial explorers of the iOS version of Paradise Tycoon. Gain exclusive access before the game docks on the App Store.

Direct Influence: Your feedback is paramount. Your insights will steer the final version of the game, contributing to refining Paradise Tycoon into an unparalleled gaming experience.

Community: You'll become a cherished member of a vibrant community, united by a shared passion for Paradise Tycoon. Collaborate with fellow testers and gamers, sharing strategies, tips, and your invaluable thoughts on the game.

Recognition: Outstanding testers may earn special recognition or rewards, a token of appreciation for your dedication and contribution to the game's development.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of Paradise Tycoon's maiden voyage on iOS. Stay anchored for forthcoming updates, exclusive glimpses into the game's evolution, and an exclusive backstage pass to the shaping of this gaming masterpiece. Prepare to set sail on an unforgettable gaming odyssey with Paradise Tycoon!

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