Paris Hilton Launches a 2-Week Halloween Party in The Sandbox Metaverse

Don't have any plans for the weekend? Then you might want to give it a go on Cryptoween. Read on to find out more!

Oct 22, 2022
by Akira Ming
Paris Hilton Launches a 2-Week Halloween Party in The Sandbox Metaverse

Everyone's invited to Cryptoween - Paris' virtual Halloween party in The Sandbox

Guess what? Queen of the Metaverse Paris Hilton is throwing the first virtual Halloween party in The Sandbox, and everyone is invited! In partnership with Hilton's 11:11 Media, The Sandbox is launching Crytoween - a Halloween-themed multiplayer experience that runs from October 21st to November 7th.

The announcement comes after Hilton first forayed into The Sandbox and filed trademark applications for "Queen of the Metaverse" and "Cryptoween" in August. According to The Sandbox, Cryptoween is the company's first in-game Halloween partner experience and will feature multiple fun games to keep users entertained. 

Set against a vibrant, colorful backdrop, Cryptoween is a fantasy land where Paris is hosting an immersive party. However, the iconic celebrity needs all the help from fellow players. By completing social challenges and in-game quests such as learning the meaning of "Sliving", collecting Halloween candies, and lifting an evil baron's curse, visitors will enter the raffle for a chance to win SAND and NFT prizes. 

If you're interested in joining the lively experience, you must first create an account on The Sandbox and install the Alpha launcher on your PC. Once done, log in to your account on The Sandbox website and search for Cryptoween under the "Events" tab below. Click "Join Now" for further instructions to complete in-game quests and challenges. 

Rewards on the list

By finishing all quests in Cryptoween, players will stand a chance to receive the following prizes: 

  • SAND tokens: 10,000 lucky winners will receive 50 SAND each. 
  • 50x free avatars: 50 lucky winners to be whitelisted for a free avatar from the upcoming Paris Hilton Collection. 
  • 100x NFTs: 100 lucky winners to receive a Diamond Baby NFT from the Paris Hilton Collection. 
  • Memorabilia: All participants will receive a non-NFT Cryptoween Memorabilia each. 

Besides that, the Cryptoween experience is now live with its own exclusive voxel NFT collection. Interested collectors can check them out on The Sandbox marketplace

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