Pegaxy 2023 Roadmap Is Finally Here

Renowned P2E horse racing game, Pegaxy recently updated its roadmap for 2023. The Pegaxy Roadmap updates are divided into quarters.

Jan 16, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Pegaxy 2023 Roadmap Is Finally Here

The updated roadmap reflects the team's increased emphasis on creating a very immersive 3D mobile gaming experience for Pegaxy, as detailed in Pega Insider 8.

Pegaxy Roadmap Updates for the First Quarter

Creators will concentrate on the core of the brand-new skill-based game and new chests, items, and Pega in the first quarter of 2023. Players may anticipate new elements, such as skill-based gaming. These elements will test the skills of players against one another in real-time challenges. Pegaxy will also introduce PegaSwap, allowing players to swap Pega with one another. 

Players can collect and open chests to get special in-game items with the addition of a new chest feature. The Level Up Pega function will enable users to strengthen their Pega in battle by upgrading them. Further, the team is developing new user experiences to help new players navigate the game like:

  • beginner missions, 
  • daily check-ins, and 
  • tutorial experiences. 

In addition, the game will introduce new sound effects and background music to improve the overall game experience.

The Second Quarter

Pegaxy will release Battle Pass - Season 1 in Q2 of 2023, along with new game modes, events, and racetracks, delivering major updates to the gameplay. Furthermore, the team will add new skins, skills, and bloodlines to keep things interesting. Players may take part in events to receive awards and get access to new features.

The Third Quarter

As per the press release, Pegaxy will continue to enhance gameplay and introduce new features in the Q3 of 2023. It will introduce Battle Pass - Season 2 and new game modes. The game will be integrating a new chat function and guild system to improve the gaming community by enabling players to engage with one another.

The Fourth Quarter

According to the team, Q4 will hold a tournament for the Pegaxy community, launch Battle Pass - Season 3, and provide new game modes, racetracks, and events. Moreover, as per the Pegaxy roadmap, the game will introduce new skins, bloodlines, and skills.  All of the new elements will be combined for a fascinating battle in which gamers may test their skills against the best players in the community and earn special rewards.

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