Pegaxy Launches New Race Mode - Pledge Racing with Entry Fee in VIS

With Pledge Racing, players will always need to pay an entry fee in VIS before entering the race. Here's the scoop!

Sep 21, 2022
by Akira Ming
Pegaxy Launches New Race Mode - Pledge Racing with Entry Fee in VIS

What you need to know about Pledge Racing - the new race mode in Pegaxy

After launching the Crowned Pega feature, team Pegaxy is back with some real huge updates to the game. This time, the standard racing mode in Pegaxy has been replaced with a new one called Pledge Racing, in which players must pay an entry fee in VIS to enter the race. 

How it works is that all fees will be accumulated into a prize pool, with a portion of them being burnt. After that, the remaining VIS will be given out as prizes to the winners of the race. The better the Pega's breed, the higher the entry cost. However, the number of rewards increases significantly with a bigger prize pool. 

Given that, Drop Racing also requires players to pay a flat fee of 60 VIS to enter the race. The fee is the same for all Pega classes, and there will be no changes to the Drop Racing Energy System.

What this means, though, is that there will be no more free racing in Pegaxy. And VIS, the primary reward token of the game, has one more extra utility apart from being used for breeding, crafting, fusing, etc. 

Using Silver Locked VIS as an entry fee

To pay the entry fee, players will need to move their on-chain Gold VIS tokens off-chain. Upon going off-chain, they will turn into Silver Locked VIS tokens, which are only usable for race entry fees in the game. 

Players must deposit at least 1,000 VIS for each transaction, which will go through a 15 days lockup period. For more details, they can always refer to this tutorial

New Pega renting modes

With the introduction of race entry fees, Pega owners and renters must agree on how to pay such expenses. There are three schemes available so far: 

  1. Public rent - Owners will list their Pegas publicly with a percentage split for the race entry fees. For instance, the owner pays 70% of the cost but fixes the reward share at 50%. If renters agree to the split, they can rent the Pega instantly. 
  2. Paid rent fee - Under this scheme, the renter will pay 100% of the entry fee in Drop Racing and Pledge Racing. 
  3. Direct rent - Pega owners and renters will agree on a percentage split, in private, for the entry fees in Pledge Racing and Drop Racing. 

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