Phantom Galaxies Shares Minting & Buying Info for Starfighters & Generative Avatars

Phantom Galaxies has revealed details on the differences in Mintpasses while explaining the free minting process in an effort to help players in buying Starfighters and Generative Avatars.

Oct 31, 2023
by Dragan
Phantom Galaxies Shares Minting & Buying Info for Starfighters & Generative Avatars

Developer Blowfish Studios has shared minting and buying details for Phantom Galaxies players interested in Generative Avatars and Starfighters.

Buying Details – The Differences in Mintpasses

According to the official guide, players interested in buying Starfighter and Avatar Mintpasses can do so by heading to the game’s official website, where there are 5 different Mintpasses available for purchase:

  • Veteran Fleet Mintpass — Third Class
  • Pristine Fleet Mintpass — Third Class
  • Standard Issue Fleet Mintpass
  • Zveta Gene Sample Mintpass: Third Class
  • Unspecified Origin Gene Sample

The team has stated the difference in Classes (First, Second, and Third Class) is that the Third Class comes with a Third Class Hangar or Quarters while having base generation rates rarer trait outcomes. This means that First and Second class come with their own Hangar or Quarters, and also have higher generation rates, with First Class having the highest of all. Third Class mintpasses are priced at 200 ASTRAFER.

As for the difference between Base, Standard, and Limited Edition (Pristine/Veteran or Elpis/Zveta) Mintpasses, the team has stated that Standard ones are generative NFTs that have “a large range of generative trait outcomes” but are not able to generate rare parts, meaning that Starfighters and Avatars come with common components. They however have much more variety than the Base ones, which are not NFTs, with Base Starfighters looking identical while Avatars feature very limited variation.

Players interested in having the full range of generative traits will look to the Limited Edition Mintpass, which brings rare components with it and enables unique trait outcomes depending on the Origin. For example, depending on the Origin, Starfighters come with a unique-themed weapon and Ultimate move, while Avatars feature a unique emote and accessory, all of which “will be released at a later date.” With a Limited Edition Mintpass, there is also a ‘very small chance’ of upgrading to an Ultra Rare Gen.0 Starfighter or Hero Avatar during the minting process. Only 24 Gen.0 Starfighters can be found from Pristine and Veteran mintpasses, while only 16 Hero Avatars are available from Elpis and Zveta collections.

Minting Details

Whether you want to mint a Starfighter or Pilot Avatar, you now have the option to do so over at the game’s official website, with the option to batch mint up to 100 NFTs available. Should you choose to batch mint, you will not be able to apply Catalysts, which let you affect specific traits of your NFT.  Applying Catalysts requires selecting one NFT only, and only one trait can be applied per Catalyst category.

The guide states that minting your mintpass is free, and there is no time limit imposed, meaning you can choose to head to the minting site at any time. Developers will notify players on social media platforms and the game’s official Discord server if this happens to change.

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