Pink Moon Studios Launches New Game

The game is an invitation for players to enjoy the immersive experience from Pink Moon Studios.

Oct 31, 2023
by Michael
Pink Moon Studios Launches   New Game

Pink Moon Studio has just released its latest game, KMON: World of Kogaea, as part of its latest developments in the gaming world. The game is a 3D open-world event only accessible to individuals with Kryptomon NFTs. This game testifies to the studio's effort in making metaverse games.

The release of KMON is part of the WOKtober celebration of the Studios, which is a quality campaign to merge the realms of augmented reality (AR), NFTs, gaming, and community. WOKtober gives a blend of amazing gameplay, engagements, and crypto-based rewards that comes from doing interesting adventures, mysteries, and awesome prizes.

The Pink Moon Shards Launch

A major part of the launch is the debut of Pink Moon Shards, NFT tokens that are made using ERC-1125 technology and are available only for players who finish quests during the Early-Community Preview events in the World of Kogaea. The shards are unique to the Early Community Preview launch events and will serve as tradable NFT rewards to players.

The token can also grant players the chance to engage with the KMON Forge in their official game release.

The Forge is a landslide on-chain crafting system made by Pink Moon. Players can use the crafting system to make limited-edition NFTs that are not available elsewhere, and hence, is a big advantage through the Game Saga.

The Dynamic Community Campaign

Apart from the Shards, the Studios will create a dynamic community campaign via its social media channels. Participants will get to earn Kryptomon NFTs at no cost. 

Pink Moon Studios will host a premium live-streaming event where participants will get to interact with the game creators and also discover the universe of Kogaea.

The launch of this game marks the merging of childhood memories with innovative blockchain technology.

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