Planetarium Labs Releases Nine Chronicles NCG Tokenomics

Nine Chronicles recently announced its major ecosystem updates in 2023. The updates intend to alter its present NCG tokenomics and gameplay system significantly.

Dec 22, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Planetarium Labs Releases Nine Chronicles NCG Tokenomics

The upgrade contains the following:

  • future designs for new multi-platform editions of Nine Chronicles, 
  • next-generation NCG burning and expenditure methods, 
  • multichain growth, and 
  • ecosystem finances for future developments. 

Nine Chronicles anticipates that the upgrade will ultimately energize ecosystem development and strengthen the Nine Chronicles IP (or universe) spread throughout the Web3 Market.

Horizons Expansion

Nine Chronicles will broaden its scope in 2023. Players currently can only play Nine Chronicles on Windows-based platforms. The team recently shared that they plan to launch distinct versions of Nine Chronicles. It will allow players to enjoy the game regardless of their device's operating system. Nine Chronicles will also release a mobile game version for Android and iOS. These new versions will offer an enticing gaming experience with better accessibility. 

Furthermore, players will get push alerts for action point refills, crafts, and, most importantly, the Arena's remaining time. With the expansion, the game is anticipating a tenfold increase in users across all platforms.

The mobile version will have an IAP (In-app Purchase) system. Additionally, the system will allow users to directly make, sell, and buy items and facilitate the circulation of fiat currency and NCG. Interestingly, the team will launch an innovative and transparent Web3 gacha system, defying the belief that traditional gacha systems are rigged.

Nine Chronicles Expands Through Major Upgrades

Nine Chronicles will support multiple blockchains to increase the token's adaptability. Not to mention, multichain compatibility will make it easier for new Web3 players and investors to enter the Nine Chronicles universe.

Beginning with the BNB Chain, the expansion will enable WNCG to be easily exchanged with other tokens on the BNB chain network. It will enable staking WNCG on DEX pools to collect staking incentives. In the near future, Nine Chronicles intends to introduce support for staking on chains compatible with EVM, such as Arbitrum and Polygon. Finally, Nine Chronicles will also be shifting from a PoW to a PoS system in the near future.

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