PlanetQuest: Outposts Unveils Preview and Greenlight Process

PlanetQuest introduces "PlanetQuest: Outposts," a planet management game where players build and expand outposts while exploring planets for resources. The game aims for short, rewarding gameplay sessions, seeking feedback for future improvements.

Sep 29, 2023
by Michael
PlanetQuest: Outposts Unveils Preview and Greenlight Process

PlanetQuest is excited to launch the first preview of "PlanetQuest: Outposts," an innovative outpost building and management game. Alongside this release, they're introducing a community greenlight process for future developments. Learn more about this exciting venture into planet management and the gameplay that awaits.

PlanetQuest: Outposts Preview

"PlanetQuest: Outposts" focuses on planet management, letting players build and expand their outposts while exploring planets and celestial bodies to mine resources for upgrades. This preview version is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, although wallet login isn't available on mobile yet.

In this initial preview, the gameplay is designed for short bursts, aiming to gather player feedback to refine the experience. Players can expect unique challenges and opportunities as they develop their planets into thriving outposts.

Greenlight System and Objectives

PlanetQuest is introducing a greenlight system for community input and feedback. During greenlight events, players will test elements of the game and provide feedback to help shape its development. The system includes both community experience feedback and technical assessments.

The objectives for this initial community greenlight of "PlanetQuest: Outposts" are to demonstrate the game's functionality, stability, and scalability. Players will explore features like building construction, drone fleets, missions, research, reputation, and more. The goal is to create a fun and polished experience that holds potential for future expansion.

To ensure an inclusive experience, "PlanetQuest: Outposts" incorporates a scaling factor that adjusts gameplay based on planet types. Whether you own a Sovereign Planet or a Dwarf Planet, the game adapts, allowing players of all levels to engage with the game's mechanics and enjoy a fulfilling experience.

Get Involved

The "PlanetQuest: Outposts" preview is live until October 12th, providing players with an opportunity to explore the game's mechanics and contribute valuable feedback. Planet owners can log in with their wallets, while new explorers receive a complimentary Dwarf Planet for testing.

PlanetQuest encourages players to participate in greenlight events, providing insights and helping shape the development of this exciting universe. The future of PlanetQuest awaits, and players can be part of its journey.

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