Crabada Shares Arena Mechanics Update

The updates include a Crabada level cap at 60, a 2X multiplier for Arena matches, and adjusted rewards for winners.

Aug 15, 2022
by Michael
Crabada Shares Arena Mechanics Update

Details Of the Arena Mechanics Updates

Crabada has released updates on its arena mechanics via a blog post. The cross-platform Web3 game shared a tweet saying,

Crabada increased the level cap to 60 to allow more matchmaking and fun in the game. Thus, a Level 80 Crabada will be adjusted to the stats of a level 60 team in the Arena. Also, a 2X multiplier speed will take effect in Crabada participating in Arena.

Adjusted Rewards For Players

The Arena Point (AP) requirement for playing has been reduced to allow more players onboard. For example, the AP for Rank 1 rewards is now 1450 AP from 1700 AP.

The following are updated rewards for players:

  • Rank 1 (AP – 1450): 3500 Crystal Shells, 800 User XP, and 3 Epic Boxes
  • Rank 2 (AP – 1425): 3000 Crystal Shells,7800 User XP, 2 Epic Boxes, and 1 Rare Box
  • Rank 3 (AP – 1400): 2500 Crystal Shells, 600 User XP, 1 Epic Box, 1 Rare Box, and 1 Normal Box
  • Rank 4 (AP – 1375): 1800 Crystal Shells, 500 User XP, 2 Rare Boxes, and 1 Normal Box
  • Rank 5 (AP – 1350): 1300 Crystal Shells, 450 User XP, 1 Rare Box, and 2 Normal Boxes
  • Rank 6-10: 1200 Crystal Shells, 400 User XP, and 3 Normal Boxes
  • Rank 11-30: 1000 Crystal Shells, 350 User XP, and 2 Normal Boxes
  • Rank 31-100: 900 Crystal Shells, 300 User XP, and 1 Normal Box
  • Rank 101-300: 700 Crystal Shells and 200 User XP
  • Rank 301-500: 560 Crystal Shells and 150 User XP
  • Rank 501-800: 450 Crystal Shells and 100 User XP
  • Rank 801-1300: 360 Crystal Shells and 50 User XP
  • Rank 1301+: 300 Crystal Shells and 25 User XP

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