PlayToEarn and MetaXSeed Games Forge a Monumental Partnership to Redefine Web3 Gaming

The collaboration between PlayToEarn and MetaXSeed allows both parties to reshape the blockchain gaming scene, merging the best of Web2 and Web3 for enhanced play-to-earn experiences.

Oct 21, 2023
by Akira Ming
PlayToEarn and MetaXSeed Games Forge a Monumental Partnership to Redefine Web3 Gaming

PlayToEarn, a renowned trailblazer in the blockchain gaming world, is proud to unveil its momentous partnership with MetaXSeed Games, a cutting-edge layer 1 blockchain and decentralized game studio. This collab is set to disrupt the gaming sphere, tapping into MetaXSeed's vast game library and innovative revenue models.

MetaXSeed, with its diverse mix of mobile, web, and PC games, is set to bridge the gap between Web2's user-friendly ad-driven model and Web3's transparent, open ecosystem. The studio harnesses advertising as a primary revenue source to:

  1. Ensure all games remain free, thus attracting an expansive player base.
  2. Generate a steady revenue stream, offering player rewards without diluting token supply.

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The studio's 30+ blockchain games, made with Unreal Engine 5 and accessible on Steam, Google Play, and MetaXSeed Play launcher, demonstrate their dedication to variety and quality. MetaXSeed aims to improve token utility by frequently engaging the community, and fostering a balanced Game-Fi economy, taking cues from industry leaders such as Gala Games and Immutable X.

MetaXSeed owns the entire tech stack, including the games, blockchain, launcher, marketplace, and monetization tools. This ensures holistic value extraction, granular control over player engagement, and independence from third-party involvements. 

On top of that, XSeed Chain, MetaXSeed's layer-1 protocol, emerges as a game-changer, offering improved performance for developers, better throughput, and faster completion times while preserving crucial security features and user privacy. 

The heart of their business model lies in community involvement. Players can cast votes to influence game development priorities. As such, the revenue generated is shared among the community, giving players a substantial stake in the game's success. This improves player commitment, increasing the studio's potential for growth.

MetaXSeed's in-game advertising strategy further bolsters its financial prospects. Through intrinsic ad-injection, the studio expects an impressive $50M-$100M annual revenue, based on industry-standard pricing and a modest daily active user count. This approach ensures a steady inflow of funds to support player rewards, operating costs, as well as new game development.

Furthermore, an integral part of MetaXSeed's ecosystem is its NFT Marketplace - MetaXSeed Markets. Here, gamers can trade NFT collectibles using the platform's native token, $XSEED.

How does this partnership benefit both parties? 

For PlayToEarn, allying with MetaXSeed offers an expansive game library, driving more user engagement and adoption. It also positions PlaytoEarn at the forefront of Web3 innovations, riding on the technological advancements of MetaXSeed. 

On the other hand, PlayToEarn's extensive reach and reputation will amplify MetaXSeed's visibility, potentially leading to a bigger player base and greater token demand. Together, they aim to redefine the contours of blockchain gaming by focusing on player experiences, rewards, and sustained growth.

As both platforms join forces, the future of Web3 gaming looks brighter and more promising. Gamers can expect a harmonious blend of entertaining gameplay and lucrative rewards, supported by the transparency and security of blockchain tech. 

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