PlayToEarn League 2022 - $6,000 Gods Unchained Community Clash Tournament

We're hosting the 6th Gods Unchained - PlayToEarn League 2022 tournament on July 2nd with $6,000 in prizes.

Jun 19, 2022
by playtoearn
PlayToEarn League 2022 - $6,000 Gods Unchained Community Clash Tournament

On July 2nd, the 6th PlayToEarn League 2022 season tournament will be hosted by! 

The tournament is part of the Gods Unchained Community Clash 2022. A series of community hosted events with prize pool support by Gods Unchained.

Players from around the globe will have the chance to compete and win $GODS, GU card packs, and cash (USDC) prizing.

The PlayToEarn League 2022 #6 event will take place over two days, from July 2nd to July 3rd, with a maximum player limit of 512 people. The registration is for free and open right now!

Every player of the 6th PlayToEarn League tournament has the chance to qualify to the season finals tournament on July 23 & 24. A tournament for the top 32 players of the PlayToEarn League 2022 season with a prize pool of $10,000 & $1,000 worth of prizes for viewers of the twitch live stream.

Gods Unchained - PlayToEarn League 2022 #6

The first day of the #6 tournament will begin on July 2nd at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5), with check-in beginning one hour prior at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5). This is to note that the match will start at the time scheduled strictly. 

The format will be a single-elimination knockout, in which the loser of each match will be eliminated from the tournament immediately. On day 1, there will be a total of four rounds with:

  • Round 1 - Top 512 - 2 pm EST till 3 pm EST
  • Round 2 - Top 256 - 3 pm EST till 4 pm EST
  • Round 3 - Top 128 - 4 pm EST till 5 pm EST
  • Round 4 - Top 64 - 5 pm EST till 6 pm EST

Day 2 will host five more rounds:

  • Round 5 - Top 32 - Best of 3 (win with 2 different gods): 2 pm EST - 3 pm EST
  • Round 6 - Top 16 - Best of 3 (win with 2 different gods):  3 pm EST - 4 pm EST
  • Round 7 - Top 8 - Best of 3 (win with 2 different gods): 4 pm EST - 5 pm EST
  • Round 8- Top 4 - Best of 3 (win with 2 different gods):5 pm EST - 6 pm EST
  • Round 9 - Finals - Best of 5 (win with 3 different gods): 6 pm EST - 7 pm EST

The tournament will have a prize pool of 6000 USD, consisting of 1500 USDC, 1000 USD GODS tokens and 3500 USD in GU card packs. GU Card Packs come in the following varieties: R = Rare, E = Epic, L = Legendary, S = Shiny. 

These are the specifics of the rank-based prizes:

  • 1st: $1000 USDT / USDC + 300 $GODS + 20R, 10E, 5L, 3S + 200 P2E Points
  • 2nd: $300 USDT / USDC + 250 $GODS + 18R, 9E, 5L, 2S + 150 P2E Points
  • 3rd: $150 USDT / USDC + 150 $GODS + 16R, 8E, 5L, 1S + 125 P2E Points
  • 4th: $50 USDT / USDC + 100 $GODS + 14R, 7E, 5L + 100 P2E Points
  • 5th - 8th: 40 $GODS + 10R, 6E, 4L
  • 9th - 16th: 20 $GODS + 7R, 4E, 3L
  • 17th - 32nd: 10 $GODS + 4R, 2E, 2L

The PlayToEarn League 2022 Season 1 consists of 6-month monthly tournaments. Players can earn Leaderboard Points to get qualified for the $10,000 finals tournament when they make it into the top 16 of the monthly tournaments:

  • 1st: 5 Points
  • 2nd: 4 Points
  • 3rd to 4th: 3 Points
  • 5th to 8th: 2 Points
  • 9th to 16th: 1 Point

Other details regarding the Tournament

All participants from around the globe are welcome to join, and they are permitted to use any type of card set. The seeding in the tournament bracket will be randomized, and the bracket can be viewed once the tournament has begun.

In order to register for the event, create a CommunityGaming account. After this, select 'Join Tournament' and then enter our Discord server to be ready to start playing on the tournament day. Our team will be coordinating matches and assisting players in the #gods-unchained-tournament channel. 

On the CommunityGaming website, users can add their Gods Unchained Player ID or GUDecks URL in the "Platform Links" section of their Account Settings. This will make challenging one's opponent much easier on the day of the event.

Ensure that you provide the right wallet address while registering for the tournament. The address must support receiving GU cards (IMX), USDC (Polygon Network), and ERC20 tokens (GODS token). Furthermore, will top players receive P2E points that you can find on the P2E Points page of our website.

Winner and Loser must both report their match results to the CommunityGaming bracket in order for the winner to advance to the next round. You will be disqualified if you win without reporting your match result in time. Make sure to follow our Discord (#gods-unchained-announcements) channel once the tournament day begins & watch our Twitch livestream to win prizes!

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