PlayToEarn League 2022 "Gods Unchained" - Tournament Winner "SamBam" Interview

We interviewed SamBam, the Winner of the Gods Unchained PlayToEarn League 2022. Find out how he became the #1 Gods Unchained Player of 2022.

Aug 14, 2022
by playtoearn
PlayToEarn League 2022 "Gods Unchained" - Tournament Winner "SamBam" Interview

Going into these tournaments, what kind of preparation should a player go through and how do you think that impacts the player’s results?

Having a grasp on the current meta is probably the most important, understanding match ups. i.e. what counters what, what isn't really countered and what is OverPowered. As far as preparation, I recommend practicing with a friend. Play into a decks worst match up, see If It can be won and what "Tech" cards make the match up less painful. i.e.(anti-sleep, relic hate, void hate). 

Do you have a personal strategy you use, or are you influenced more so by your team?

My strategy is pretty standard, Understand the meta and take strong decks. I'm fortunate enough to own a full demigod playset, It allows me to have a wider range of decks as well as more "tech" options than most players. Also having a handful of the smartest and best players in GU to theory craft with makes a huge difference and definitely has on impact on my performance.

What was one or two of your favorite / most fun decks that you used? (in any of the P2E tourneys)

Two decks I really enjoy in general are Control War and Control Nature. They're both B tier at best on ladder, but I was able to play them in the PlayToEarn Finals. I took Control Nature into Wispsi after he won game one with magic, and I took Control War to the Final game of the P2E tournament. They are extremely fun, but definitely situational.

Did you have any standout opponents (really tough or memorable matches) and if so, why?

Playing Hpain and FakeMews were definitely the most memorable.  Hpain can take just about any Control/Combo deck refine it to near perfection and play to his outs turns ahead making him a complete monster.  Where FakeMews ability to find an opponents range, build and Pilot aggro decks at an extremely high level. Both matches went to the final round, haha I personally feel like I had the hardest bracket.

To the players trying to take that #1 earner spot, what advice can you give them? 

Practice with people better than you and take constructive criticism.

Did you ever think you’d be winning this kind of prize in this kind of setting? Please share some thoughts on your journey to this point.

I played Texas Holdem for many years and have had other professional Esport runs, so playing competitively for money isn't really new, but I do enjoy it very much. Games feel more genuine when there are financial incentives, scrappy no surrender settings are my favorite.

Last but not least, please feel free to share any other thoughts and/or shoutout your socials/team below. Thank you so much for being a part of the PlayToEarn League S1!

I'd like to thank My team InfiniteMana and our sponsor E1337 pro, a big shout out to saints, fastexe, dragonstorm and wezz for our training camp/bro time, I learned a lot from the experience. You can find me on Twitter 24/7, Twitch 6 days a week and I'm In the process of pumping out YouTube content. Stop by and say hi. Chat, I love you <3


SamBam was Interviewed by Sewlie, the PlayToEarn League 2022 Organizer & Streamer.

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