PokerGO Play Introduces Sit-N-Go Tournaments in Latest Update

PokerGO Play adds Sit-N-Go tournaments in its latest update. These quick and competitive single-table tournaments complement its weekly Sweepstakes and Avatar Frames.

Oct 5, 2023
by Michael
PokerGO Play Introduces Sit-N-Go Tournaments in Latest Update

Poker enthusiasts have a new reason to celebrate as PokerGO Play, a popular online poker platform, unveils its latest update featuring Sit-N-Go tournaments. This addition brings more excitement and competition to the web3 poker community.

Web3 Poker Craze with PokerGO Play

PokerGO Play has been making waves in the web3 poker scene, and its latest update adds an intriguing feature to the mix. The introduction of Sit-N-Go tournaments aims to enhance the gaming experience and provide players with a quick and competitive poker format.

One of the standout features of PokerGO Play is its weekly Sweepstakes. Players can participate in these Sweepstakes without any purchase requirements. The number of chips won within a 24-hour period determines the entries a player receives for that day's Sweepstakes. Accumulating entries throughout the week increases the chances of winning a share of the 350,000 $GALA prize pool.

Avatar Frames for Added Perks

PokerGO Play doesn't just focus on gameplay; it also introduces Avatar Frames as GalaChain-minted player-owned items. These frames offer various advantages, such as increased daily starting chips and chip carryover percentages. Players can choose from frames of different rarities, and their effects scale accordingly. Avatar Frames can be further leveled up to enhance their benefits.

For those who wish to boost their chip count, Chip Packs are available for purchase within the app or Gala Games store. These packs provide Chip Markers in various denominations, allowing players to rebuy into the game at any time. It's a handy feature for those looking to maximize their Sweepstakes entries.

Additionally, PokerGO Play aims to create a relaxed and enjoyable poker experience for players, complete with a wide selection of avatars, in-game chat, and table customization options. Whether you prefer Texas Hold 'em or Omaha Poker, you can enjoy on-the-go gaming on Android, iOS, or through the Gala Games platform.

Sit-N-Go Tournaments Take Center Stage

The spotlight of this update is undoubtedly the introduction of Sit-N-Go tournaments. These single-table tournaments offer quick and intense poker action. Unlike traditional cash games, Sit-N-Go tournaments start promptly when the table fills with players. The number of winners is determined by the number of starting players, typically with three winners in a standard 9-player Sit-N-Go. These tournaments cater to players of all skill levels, providing options to fit various chip stacks.

PokerGO Play invites poker enthusiasts to join the Sit-N-Go tables and experience thrilling poker competition. With chips stacked, cards shuffled, and seats waiting, the poker community can enjoy this latest addition to the web3 poker craze.

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