PolkaFantasy Reveals New Roadmap for its NFT Game, Marketplace, and More

With the recent happenings in crypto, the Japanese ACG blockchain ecosystem has revised the roadmap for its flagship products.

Dec 3, 2022
by Akira Ming
PolkaFantasy Reveals New Roadmap for its NFT Game, Marketplace, and More

What's new in PolkaFantasy's roadmap? 

PolkaFantasy, an ACG-dedicated blockchain ecosystem, has dropped an updated roadmap showing what's to come for its in-game marketplace, FantasyPad, NFT games, and more. 

PolkaFantasy Marketplace

According to the team, a beta version of PolkaFantasy Game Marketplace will be launched sometime in Q1 2023. It will feature new functionalities, such as fixed-price sales and auctions for in-game NFT loot boxes. 

Upon its official release in Q2 2023, more features about Zenny - the game's secondary token, will be released as well. The platform aims to be a go-to hub for GameFi lovers, hosting multiple NFTs from its incubated projects and strategic partners. 


Speaking of incubated projects, the company's launchpad - FantasyPad - is going live in stages too. The Alpha version will hit the scene in Q1 2023, with the Beta version in Q2 2023. After final adjustments, its official roll-out is estimated to be in Q3 or Q4 of 2023. The Alpha version will allow users to stake $XP, with more features to be introduced in future iterations. 

PolkaFantasy1 Game

PolkaFantasy1, or its Genesis 3vs3 card battle NFT title, will not see significant changes to its roadmap. The game's second beta testing will go live by the end of January 2023, with its official launch in May next year.

Collaboration Game

The company's second title, Collaboration Game, will be developed in partnership with a renowned Web2 gaming studio. There are not many details yet. But the team plans to unveil more about the project and its Web2 developer before next February.  

The collaboration game will launch as a Web2 title before it's integrated with blockchain technology. All the Characters, Weapons, Lands, and in-game NFTs sold will be incorporated once it enters Web3. In this game, $XP will be the governance token.

PolkaFantasy also plans to expand into the fields of light novels, webtoons, and social games. According to the team, this will play a vital role in the long-term success of its IP and the ecosystem that it has been building. 

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