PolkaFantasy Reveals the Development Progress of its Genesis Game

PolkaFantasy has introduced interfaces for the main menu and the battle arena of its Genesis game.

Jun 20, 2022
by Michael
PolkaFantasy Reveals the Development Progress of its Genesis Game

Japanese ACG-dedicated blockchain ecosystem, PolkaFantasy, has revealed the development progress of its Genesis game by introducing interfaces of the main menu and the battle arena.  In the Alpha version, gamers will enjoy playing the battle arena (PvP), while in the final version, adventures (PvE), will be available for gamers. 

Menu Screen Interface 

The interface of the menu screen contains tabs that are divided into three sections. In the first section, gamers can see their ranks showcased on the "Rank" tab. The username of gamers will also be displayed in this section. "Zenny" is another tab in this section, and It is either shown to be off-chain or on-chain. Meanwhile, "Energy" is the last tab in this section, and it is required to play the game.

The second section contains four tabs, all available in the game's beta version. Labelling these four tabs from right to left, you have the menu, notifications, mailbox, and mission icons. 

Finally, in the third section, the following tabs are displayed from right to left:

  • Inventory: This tab will be made available in the game's beta version, where gamers can check the list of items they have. 
  • Character: This tab will also be made available in the beta version of the game, and it will be used for listing and strengthening characters. 
  • Formation: This will be used to form a team.

Battle Arena Screen Interface

The battle arena is the part of the game where players fight each other as PvP. Gamers in the beta version will be ranked and rewarded based on their rating in a specific period. 

In this arena, all characters will have their levels regularized to 1. Matchmaking will be done unsystematically in the alpha version, while in the beta version, the system will pair gamers with the closest rating. There will be no leaderboard in the alpha version as the version, unlike the beta version, does not have rankings.

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