R-PLANET Releases Game Version 2.2.3

The team has heeded the community suggestions by implementing an Activity Tab that allows for the grouping of combat events.

May 29, 2023
by Michael
R-PLANET Releases Game Version  2.2.3

In preparation for the upcoming Ahnangs Invasion, R-PLANET has unveiled details of version 2.2.3 which features several highly anticipated features and improvements. The team's official press release gives an overview of what players should expect in the new version. These new features include Hero Main Functionality, Grouping Combat Events in the Activity Tab, Base Relocation, and Cancellation of Operations

R-PLANET Rolls Out New Features

R-PLANET’s new hero functionality comprises various components and the fundamental ones have been implemented. The new interface allows players to send their heroes to battle and also shows the hero’s properties like health, speed, force (attack and defense), unit attack boost, unit defense boost, mining rate, and Masics capacity.  Other additional characteristics include experience and level. Players can level up their Heroes using experience points gathered from battles.  

The team has heeded the community suggestions by implementing an Activity Tab that allows for the grouping of combat events. With this new feature,  players can now review the complete list of attacks within a particular group. Meanwhile, another feature called Base Relocation gives players the ability to change their initial base once during the game. However, for this action to take place, there must be no tasks in progress (tasks include transfers and attacks). 

Finally, users can command their units to return to the base after initiating an attack.  Players just need to click on the “Return” button within a limited timeframe. 

Bug Fixes and Improvements

The update is accompanied by numerous bug fixes and improvements. These bugs include Missing “Back” Button after Sharing the Combat Report, Battle Report Display Issue, Messenger Font Color, Journal Update Issue and Combat Calculator, and Inappropriate Units. The team improved areas like Progress Indicator for Action Buttons, Disabling Upgrade Booster for Expansion Hub, Confirmation for Attacks on Alliance Members, and Confirmation Checkbox for Deleting Account.

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