Rebel Bots Announces Launch of Xoil Wars Beta on Polygon Mainnet

Rebel Bots is getting ready to introduce the Xoil Wars Beta, on the Polygon Mainnet, which brings together a combination of play-to-earn elements and strategic gameplay. The development process of this game has faced its share of challenges. The dedicated team is committed to delivering updates gradually for an ever-evolving gaming experience

Oct 19, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Rebel Bots Announces Launch of Xoil Wars Beta on Polygon Mainnet

The anticipated Rebel Bots Xoil Wars Beta is around the corner and will make its debut on the Polygon Mainnet. Mark your calendars for November 1, 2023, as this game guarantees an adventure where you can earn rewards while enjoying gameplay mechanics. Its ultimate objective? To establish itself as a web3 game by utilizing NFTs potential.

Thrilling Features in the Initial Launch

Get ready for Version 1 of this awaited mainnet release packed with features including; 

  • Engaging in PVP battles and earning valuable rewards like Parts, Xoil and Spark. 
  • An impressive collection that includes over 300 Battle Cards with captivating Kingdom Cards. 
  • Enjoy gameplay elements like buffs and debuffs that keep you engaged. 
  • Compete globally on player leaderboards alongside the Bot o Barracks feature. 
  • Support RBLS and Xoil transactions. 
  • Compatible, across Android, Windows and Mac platforms.

The Journey and Future Improvements

Despite aiming to launch the game in June 2022 the Rebel Bots team faced some development challenges that affected the quality and stability of the game. However, they have now redirected their efforts. In light of this, Rebel Bots has brought together a development team to ensure that the essential features are ready, for release. They have also planned to introduce features in updates. Some of these updates include; 

  • Making improvements and enhancements to the Guild dashboard and renting system. 
  • Enhancing matchmaking and addressing server lag issues. 
  • Introducing a PVE Mode and Daily Challenges. 

The commitment of the Rebel Bots team to delivering a gaming experience is evident in their planning and roadmap for Xoil Wars. As excitement grows for its launch on the mainnet the future holds promise, for this web3 game.

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