Rebel Bots Provides Details on Xoil Wars Game New Features in June AMA

Rebel Bots gave an overview of their latest game updates and rental system in their last AMA held on Twitter.

Jun 23, 2022
by Michael
Rebel Bots Provides Details on Xoil Wars Game New Features in June AMA

Rebel Bots has announced to its community members that the Beta release of the much-anticipated game, Xoil Wars, will be available in late July 2022. The team has previously announced in past AMAs that the game launch was delayed due to the relocation of their Ukrainian dev team members to safety from the war. The game would be released concurrently as an application for PC and Mobile.

The team has noted that the crashing crypto market can dampen positive token price movement and the development of most P2E games. They said they are focused on rewarding skilled players as they progress in the course of the game. The team also mentioned that they are capable of financing their game for several years, regardless of the market condition.  

Xoil Wars has achieved a series of milestones in game development. The developer will be launching 30 distinct battle abilities, which would further be broken down into 300 basic cards and 6 kingdom cards in the collection. Players will see a variety of effects and skills infused into the cards. 

What is the Rental System for Xoil Wars?

Rebel Bots is banking on its vast experience with guild partners in establishing an innovative rental experience for scholars and guilds. The rental system will provide multiple ways to offer rentals that can help develop guilds of all sizes and skill levels.

The features of the rental system will include:

  • Battle sets: A player needs a Battle Set, including a Land and three Fighting Bots NFTs, to play Xoil Wars. This would ensure a player can obtain a rental.
  • A special feature, the Wizard will assist managers and players with a Battle set guided creation process 
  • The game will be regulated by smart contracts with the ability to auto-renew and initiate payments.
  • Players would have the choice to pick their preferred renting option either, they set upfront rental payment or make flexible percentage revenue share rental
  • The Xoil Wars rental marketplace will have public and private rental listings.
  • Collection, a private marketplace, will allow guilds to create private groups of mass or specific assets that only approved players/wallets can access, then browse, select and create a battle set to rent with assistance from Wizards. 

The team is on the verge of unveiling a management function where owning wallets can grant permission to other wallets to manage assets in the context of collections.

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