Revoland Releases Details of its Battle Square Mode to its Community

Blockchain Esports game, Revoland recently announced a new series of articles which would be featuring its different game modes — the first article discusses Battle Square, one of the most popular game modes.

Aug 5, 2022
by Michael
Revoland Releases Details of its Battle Square Mode to its Community

Battle Square Mode

Revoland Battle Square mode is an exciting game mode. In the game mode, every man is on his own. Players fight solo, killing opponents and destroying dragon eggs. Collected dragon crystals increase the players' life and can also be used to attack other players. 

The game scene periodically collapses and shrinks; players must therefore avoid unsafe zones. The game allows ten participants to contest against one another, and only one of the contestants who holds out the longest will emerge as the winner, carting away a handsome reward. 

Salient Features of Revoland Battle Square Mode 

  • The game involves the participation of  ten players 
  • Spawn Locations are scattered around different parts of the map
  • Players get an additional boost (additional damage or HP) for destroying dragon eggs scattered across the map
  • The more the boost accumulated by the players, the stronger the player becomes 
  • Whenever a player kills an opponent, he gets a boost; if the opponent has no boosts, the player receives one boost.
  • The main goal of every player is to remain the last player alive 
  • Players can apply different tactics in thai game mode: stay hidden from other player in the bush or going on rampage killing other players and destroying dragon eggs 
  • The map periodically collapses and shrinks at the edges reducing the distance between players. 
  • The game features additional challenges: players have to dodge meteors and fight against a boss which appears suddenly attacking players. 

Interested players should visit  to take part in Revoland Battle Square mode. Finally, players should stay tuned for other game modes in the Revoland Game Mode Series. 

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