Ronin Chain Releases an NFT Gifting Portal

Learn how to access the Ronin Gifting Portal and simplify NFT gifting within the Ronin Network. Claim gifts with ease and send personalized NFTs through this comprehensive guide.

Oct 14, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Ronin Chain Releases an NFT Gifting Portal

The Ronin Gifting Portal is transforming the way NFT gifting works, within the Ronin Network providing a method for sending and receiving gifts. In this guide, we will delve into how to access the portal and navigate through the process of claiming and sending gifts.

Accessing the Ronin Gifting Portal

To gain entry to the Ronin Gifting Portal simply visit https;// This specific link serves as your gateway to access the portal. However, exercise caution when clicking on links to ensure the security of your wallet. The Ronin Gifting simplifies both claiming and sending NFT gifts. Whether you find yourself in a sender role this portal makes the experience straightforward.

Claiming a gift is simple. If you receive a direct claim link from someone clicking on it will redirect you to the claim portal. Connect your Ronin wallet. Confirm the transaction to successfully claim your gift. It will be promptly sent to your Ronin wallet.

Alternatively if provided with a code, by the sender you can visit https;// enter your special code and click 'Claim!' to finalize the process. To send a gift go to the website https;// Connect your Ronin wallet. Currently, only the expert mode is available. Gift builder mode will be added in the future. Choose the type of NFT enter the item ID(s) and click on 'Review Gift(s)'.

During the review stage, you can copy either the code. Claim link or both. It's important to copy all information since you won't be able to access it later. Click on 'Create Gifts. Confirm the transaction, in your Ronin wallet to send the gift.

One interesting feature of the Ronin Gifting Portal is that you can customize the claiming link for gifts. After listing the axies or NFTs you want to send you have the option to add a colon [;] followed by your text. This allows for engagement with your community. Keep in mind that there must be 6 characters for customized text and only alphanumeric characters dashes [ ] and underscores [_] are allowed. Spaces will automatically be converted into underscores.


Customizing the claiming link opens up possibilities, for creating games or puzzles where part of the answer can be found within the axies link.
However, it's important to be cautious and choose text that's not easily guessable as anyone who has the link or code can take ownership of the associated NFT(s).

If you're planning to gift from a collection for the time you'll have to authorize the collection using your Ronin wallet before proceeding with the process. Look out for the 'Mavis Friends blue badge to confirm the authenticity of the contract you're interacting with.

The Ronin Gifting Portal simplifies the process of gifting NFTs within the Ronin Network making it accessible, to everyone. Whether you're receiving a gift or sending one this guide covers all the steps to ensure an experience. Just remember to exercise caution and let your creativity shine when utilizing the portal features.

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