Sanctum of Mysteries Unleashed in Forest Knight's Latest Update

Forest Knight's Patch brings an exciting new game mode, Sanctum of Mysteries, where players collect "Spirit Coins" for rewards.

Sep 23, 2023
by Michael
Sanctum of Mysteries Unleashed in Forest Knight's Latest Update

Forest Knight, the popular mobile strategy RPG, has unleashed an exciting new update, Patch This update introduces a host of exciting features that promise to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Let's dive into the details of this game-changing patch.

Sanctum of Mysteries: A New Game Mode

The highlight of this update is undoubtedly the introduction of the "Sanctum of Mysteries" game mode. This new mode offers players an epic journey filled with limitless stages, similar to the mines in Forest Knight. However, the Sanctum of Mysteries offers a unique twist – a special currency called "Spirit Coins."

In the Sanctum of Mysteries, heroes from your roster begin at level 1 without any equipment. But don't worry; with each new round, players can choose one enhancement from a selection of three options. These enhancements allow players to equip owned items on their heroes, increase their range, boost their attack points, and access other beneficial upgrades.

What sets the Sanctum of Mysteries apart is its unpredictability. The maps, obstacles, and enemies in this mode are randomly generated. As you progress further into the Sanctum, the challenges scale up, ensuring that every run feels unique and demanding.

Accessing this thrilling game mode is straightforward. Head to the town map and locate the new building near the arena and formation areas known as the "Sanctum." You can enjoy this mode for free three times a day, and additional entries can be unlocked using Sanctum keys available in the exchange shop. Each entry guarantees a reward from the rewards section, motivating you to push your limits.

New Boss System: Twice the Challenge

Forest Knight's iconic world boss is undergoing a transformation in this update. Instead of facing a single monolithic foe, players will now encounter two distinct bosses, each with their own set of skills. This change promises to add depth and strategy to every boss encounter.

The first boss, focusing on melee attacks, introduces a Clone Skill that can summon duplicates, testing your ability to distinguish the real threat from the decoys. Additionally, it employs a Dark Flame Attack, unleashing unmovable dark flames raining ranged attacks upon adventurers.

On the other hand, the second boss, specializing in ranged attacks, can now summon a protective shield, the Shield of Arcanist, adding an extra layer of defense. Be prepared for crystal obstacles that impede movement and drain mana from allies within their sinister aura.

To further intensify boss battles, the boss maps will now spawn random obstacles, forcing players to adapt on the fly. Moreover, the previous occurrence of double bosses has been removed, streamlining the experience while retaining the challenge.

New BattlePass and Mythic Skins

To tie it all together and add an extra layer of excitement, Patch brings forth a brand-new BattlePass overflowing with rewards. Unlock exclusive weapons and much more as you progress through its tiers. This BattlePass is your ticket to even greater adventures, offering new challenges and tasks that will test your skills and determination.

In addition to these exciting new features, this update includes several general improvements, including fixes for issues with the mine that previously didn't correctly add the stats of equipped NFTs in the next phase. The town map has also been expanded to provide more space for clicks and town buildings. Various minor bugs have been squashed to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

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