The Sandbox Partners with KEB Hana Bank to Provide Banking Services In the Metaverse

KEB Hana Bank will open a virtual branch in the Sandbox metaverse to offer banking services and opportunities to users.

Jul 12, 2022
by Michael
The Sandbox Partners with KEB Hana Bank to Provide Banking Services In the Metaverse

Details Of the Partnership

The Sandbox has partnered with South Korea’s KEB Hana Bank to ensure stable financial inclusion in the metaverse. kEB Hana Bank is a commercial bank that provides a wide range of foreign exchange products, and this partnership will see both sides teaming up to launch a new type of event marketing.

The Deputy President of KEB, So Jung Kim, said, 

“The metaverse is the way people will experience Web3, and we want to be a part of this new trend. This partnership can open a brand new type of services, especially for the young generations.”

Both sides will collaborate to build a business model, including opening a virtual branch at the Sandbox metaverse to promote investment opportunities. It will also offer banking services and interact with other metaverse partners.

Hana financial group will get a space in the K-verse, a digital platform containing various content products for Korean Gen Z.

The CEO of Sandbox Korea, Cindy Lee, said, 

“We are excited to see KEB Hana Bank enters the metaverse to create a new kind of content. This will be the next frontier of easy-to-use metaverse banking service for users.”

About KEB Hana Bank

KEB Hana Bank was established in 1967 as a Korean exchange bank. Although it is relatively new, it has become the country’s leading bank and now provides the most extensive range of foreign exchange products and the most significant assets in Korea as of June 2015.

The bank has its presence in 24 countries with a total of 199 branches, more than any other Bank established in Korea. KEB Hana Bank continues to actively engage in collaboration and partnership to strengthen its reputation as a top-tier bank in Korea and the world.

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