The Sandbox Releases The Hangar Games

A total of 193,000 SAND will be shared by the top 100 players on the leaderboard.

Oct 26, 2023
by Michael
The Sandbox Releases The Hangar Games

The Sandbox has announced it has launched a metaverse game that integrates blockchain, NFT, and DeFi. The first Trial was held today and is open to everyone.

Dr. Bomkus' Trial 

The Trial will start October 25th and will run till November 1st. It is open for everyone to participate without requirement.

The race is multiplayer, and players must dominate their lane to win the game. Sandbox has made six trials, and this is only one of them. This Trial, Dr. Bomkus', will test their agility and speed. The leaderboard has a ranking system that uses both Ethos Points (EP) and the time it takes to complete the race. 

Via a tweet, Sandbox said, 

“Dr Bomkus' has opened his metalab and is inviting pass holders for the first challenge: Hangar Games. This thrilling multiplayer race is all about dominating your lane. Can you overcome this Trial? Jump in to find out – 1.8M $SAND total prize pool.”

Rewards For The Trial

Participants in Dr. Bomkus' Trial will get to replay timed missions to increase their score and ranking. There are also a number of prizes for participants, shared across players within the first 100 positions on the leaderboard. The rewards include:

  • Rank 1: One yellow crystal
  • Rank 2 to 10: 5000 SAND
  • Rank 11 to 500: 200 SAND
  • Rank 501 to 1000: 100 SAND

A total of 193,000 SAND will be shared, including the prestigious yellow crystal. This Trial is just one of the many that Sandbox has for its users.

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