SERAPH Shares Prelude To Third Test

The brand-new story is a great addition that will offer an immersive experience to players.

Oct 26, 2023
by Michael
SERAPH Shares Prelude To Third Test

SERAPH has released a brand new story CG segment. The preview of this segment reveals a bit of the latest updates for all players.

The Story CG Segment

The story is one out of the two events in SERAPH's third test, the other being an additional category of items. These two are available in the game's internal test server. 

In a post, the game platform said, 

“The third test is just around the corner, and you're invited to join SERAPH and create your very own digital legend.”

The CG shows the protagonist moving to an entirely different scene that is opposite the dark and creepy background of the game. They will receive a special item that is not available in the initial tests, and this syncs with the five-act story of the test server. The protagonist will also have wings, which are equipment or NFTs, and will be fully available during the third test.

Upgrade To NFT Equipment 

SERAPH is actively working on adjusting its NFT equipment as it will enhance gameplay and boost activities. 

The platform also said, “NFT equipment, a core asset category in the game and one of the primary sources of earnings for Play-to-Earn (P2E) users, has become familiar to testing players in the previous two rounds. In this upcoming test, the development team will further enhance equipment attributes and gameplay, ensuring that NFT equipment seamlessly integrates with the game content while maintaining its digital asset scarcity.”

Sentinel of the Hydra's Staff, a significant equipment, now has 50% more damage to Undead two extra points for Frost Spells skills. The Spell Skill damage to Undead has also been increased by 30%. The Necklace now has 30 more points to DEX and STR each. The Cold Skill Damage has been increased by 30%, while 4 more points go to Flame Damage Absorption.

The Armor now has an MP+9, 75% enhancement to DMG, 20 points to STR, and 90% increase to DEF. Valkyrie Javelin has an increased poison weapon damage, 198% improvement to DMG, while Gloves have HP +5, DMG enhanced by 39%, and DEF enhanced by 99%.

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