Sidus Heroes Hedonism Tournament: Win $50,000 in $SIDUS and $SENATE Tokens

The event includes the Space Lords Contest and the main Hedonism Tournament, with prizes and rewards based on deposits and performance.

Aug 4, 2023
by Anvi Saini
Sidus Heroes Hedonism Tournament: Win $50,000 in $SIDUS and $SENATE Tokens

The Hedonism Center is opening soon, and the first Sidus Heroes Hedonism Tournament is about to begin. To kick off this epic event, the Space Lords Contest has been announced, a 3-week challenge where participants can show their wealth and power by depositing $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens to collect Rich Points.

What the Space Lords Contest is about?

The Space Lords Contest is the first phase of the tournament, a 3-week challenge where participants can show their wealth and power by depositing $SIDUS and $SENATE tokens to collect Rich Points. The more participants deposit, the higher their rating will be.

The conversion for the contest is simple: 1 $SIDUS equals 1 Rich Point, and 1 $SENATE equals 100 Rich Points. The top 5 winners will become Space Lords and get 10% of the Prize Pool, with the best of the best becoming the Galaxy Lord and receiving a rare resource called a Gladstone, worth 1,000,000 $SIDUS.

This contest is not just about wealth; it's about strategy, timing, and understanding the market. Participants must carefully choose when and how much to deposit, balancing risk and reward to maximize their Rich Points.

Battle with Heroes and Share in a $50,000+ Prize Pool

Following the Space Lords Contest, the main event, the Hedonism Tournament, will commence. This thrilling competition allows participants to battle with Heroes and win prizes. Entry tickets can be purchased for $1 in $SIDUS, with the fees going directly to the Prize Pool, already boasting $50,000 in $SIDUS from the Galaxy Council.

The battles are designed to be fair for everyone, with 30 battles in total, including 25 best-of-2 and 5 best-of-3. Given that, participants don't need to own a Hero to join, as Heroes are provided just for this event, all equally matched.

The Prize Pool's distribution includes various royalties and allocations, with specific percentages for different contributors and stakeholders. This structure ensures that the rewards are spread across the community, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared success.

Key Takeaway

The Sidus Heroes Hedonism Tournament is more than just a gaming event; it's a showcase of the vibrant and innovative world of crypto gaming. With substantial prizes, engaging challenges, and a fair and transparent structure, it offers participants a chance to be part of something unique and exciting.

Whether you're a seasoned crypto investor or new to the world of digital currencies, the Sidus Heroes Hedonism Tournament invites you to join the competition, test your skills, and potentially win big. The event is live, and interested individuals can deposit now to become part of this unique metaverse experience.

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