SIDUS HEROES Introduces Organizations Module with Full Functionality

This new Organizations Module offers a fresh dimension to your gaming experience, promoting collaboration, resource management, and teamwork.

Oct 12, 2023
by Michael
SIDUS HEROES Introduces Organizations Module with Full Functionality

SIDUS HEROES has announced the platform is launching an Organizations Module with full functionality. Players can now amplify their gaming adventure by becoming part of an organization and renting fully equipped Heroes teams. 

Creating An Organization

They can become the Boss of an organization and assemble a team of workers (Employees) under your leadership. The maximum number of Employees for the highest level organization is 300 people. Renting out 3 Heroes to Employees teams is free but limited in daily duration. 

Players will need at least 6 Heroes, including one Legendary Hero with a Company Access License, and 16,000 $SENATE tokens to create an Organization.

A team must consist of exactly 3 Heroes. When choosing Heroes for your organization, the Boss must retain at least 3 Heroes for personal use. The Boss is responsible for equipping the Heroes; only the Boss can make equipment changes. Employees, however, can customize their Heroes' characteristics.

Independent Resources For Players 

Each organization has its own separate balance sheet and resource warehouse. The Boss replenishes the balance from their account to cover contributions for organization maintenance. In the future, you can transfer funds, assign rewards to Employees, make purchases, and more. All resources mined by Employees are stored in the warehouse, which the Boss can access from their Inventory.

Heroes with licenses can be assigned to work in the module and participate in battles without restrictions. Once an organization is created, the "Create Organization" button becomes available in the Organization Module.

Rewards For The Characters

Whenever an Employee gains a reward, it is duplicated for the Boss and the Employee. However, when the Boss and Employee engage in 3v3 battles, they get resources that will be useful in the future. 

The rewards for a Boss depend on the rarity of the resources. The Common, Eic, and Legendary resources will earn a Boss 100, 1000, and 10000 Contribution Points, respectively. Employees will receive 30, 300, and 3000 Contribution Points from Common, Epic, and Legendary resources.  

SIDUS HEROES is also introducing a feature that gives players the chance to block their Bank Teller License. This feature is only active when at least 30 days have passed since the license was purchased. The Players must not have any pending or ongoing transactions with the Bank. There are also two updates to the Marketplace, including a Bank Teller License and the Company Access License.

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