Sidus Heroes Launches "Asterally New Race" with a Stellar $50K Prize Pool

The exciting event, which runs until October 19th on Telegram, allows users to compete in a cosmic race for a share of $SIDUS rewards.

Oct 7, 2023
by Akira Ming
Sidus Heroes Launches "Asterally New Race" with a Stellar $50K Prize Pool

Details of Sidus Heroes' Asterally event

In a remarkable collaboration powered by Binance Smart Chain, Sidus Heroes has unveiled the much-anticipated Asterally tournament. Players can now indulge in this cosmic race at lightning speed directly from Telegram for a share of a $50,000 prize pool. 

The event, which promises unparalleled excitement, kicks off on October 5th and concludes on October 19th. Those eager to be a part of this galactic journey can dive right in by heading to the Asterally Game on Telegram:

But what's a race without some enticing prizes? For that, Sidus is offering an impressive prize pool:

  • A whopping $40,000 in $QSIDUS for the top 1,000 racers.
  • An additional $10,000 in $SIDUS for the top 250.
  • As for the influencers, there's a dedicated ranking with a prize pool of $1,000 in $SIDUS.

To participate, players must achieve a 45-second score in the game. Once in the top 1,000 on Asterally, you can enter your wallet details to qualify for the grand prizes. All rewards will be credited to winners' Binance Smart Chain wallets once the race concludes.

For those seeking an edge in their race, Sidus Heroes offers a unique "GUN KIT" to clear the asteroid obstacles in their path. This kit includes three dynamic weapons: the straight-shooting Laser, the wide-angled Blaster, and the massively destructive Rockets. The GUN KIT is available for purchase at 22,000 $SIDUS on BEP-20 (around $19), and players can transfer their $SIDUS from the Ethereum network to the Binance Smart Chain during the transaction. 

More about $QSIDUS

Another intriguing aspect of the prize is the $QSIDUS currency, which represents a quasi-token used exclusively for the Sidus Market (Dutch Auction). It functions to facilitate immediate payment without blockchain transaction delays. However, it's essential to note that $QSIDUS isn't a standard currency and can't be withdrawn to personal wallets, but it does hold a 1:1 exchange rate with the USD.

Once the interstellar dust settles and the race concludes, Sidus Heroes will announce the lucky winners and the reward distribution on their official Telegram channel. For those ready to embark on this space odyssey, may the stars align in your favor!

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