Sky Mavis Announces Axie Game Jam 2023 for Creative Developers

Sky Mavis, creators of Axie Infinity, announces the Axie Game Jam 2023 from October 15-29. The Game Jam is open to global game developers, and it's a chance to shine within the Axie universe as Judges assess creativity, innovation, and gameplay.

Sep 19, 2023
by Michael
Sky Mavis Announces Axie Game Jam 2023 for Creative Developers

Sky Mavis, the developer behind the popular blockchain-based game Axie Infinity, is set to host the Axie Game Jam 2023. Running from October 15 to October 29, 2023, this event invites game developers worldwide to showcase their creativity within the Axie Infinity universe.

The Axie Game Jam offers developers a platform to demonstrate their innovation in the Web3 gaming realm. It also serves as an opportunity for Sky Mavis to identify and support promising talent in this space.

Participants will have a two-week window to conceptualize, create, and submit their games. A panel of judges will evaluate entries based on criteria such as creativity, innovation, and gameplay.

The top three winners of the Axie Game Jam will not only receive cash prizes but also gain the chance to feature their games on the Sky Mavis platform.

Here are some key details about the Axie Game Jam 2023:

  1. Dates: October 15 to October 29, 2023.
  2. Eligibility: Open to all game developers.
  3. Development Period: Participants will have two weeks to create and submit their games.
  4. Evaluation Criteria: Entries will be assessed based on creativity, innovation, and gameplay.
  5. Prizes: The top three winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to showcase their games on the Sky Mavis platform.

Potential Impact of the Axie Game Jam 2023

The Axie Game Jam 2023 carries significant potential for the Web3 gaming landscape. It serves as a valuable platform for recognizing and nurturing emerging talent in the field, potentially leading to the development of groundbreaking games. Furthermore, the event can play a pivotal role in attracting newcomers to the Web3 gaming sphere. By highlighting the creativity and potential of Web3 games, the Axie Game Jam may broaden the appeal of this space, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

In summary, the Axie Game Jam 2023 is a promising development for the Web3 gaming industry. It not only supports developers but also has the potential to draw in new players while fostering innovation in game development.

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