SkyReign Immortals Enter the AlterVerse for Minting

AlterVerse opens up minting for SkyReign Immortals, signifying a noteworthy development in the crypto gaming sector, as it enriches user interactions and game strategies.

Jul 25, 2023
by Anvi Saini
SkyReign Immortals Enter the AlterVerse for Minting

AlterVerse Introduces SkyReign Immortals for Minting

AlterVerse, a well-known player in the blockchain gaming scene, recently announced the availability of SkyReign Immortals for minting. This introduction expands the potential of in-game interactions and offers users an enhanced gaming experience.

SkyReign Immortals, with their unique properties and abilities, bring a fresh dimension to the AlterVerse gaming universe. Users have the chance to own these Immortals, which opens up an array of strategic possibilities in gameplay, leading to a more engaging and immersive gaming experience.

Alterverse is releasing a new collection of 9,999 NFTs called SkyReign Immortals. 7,999 of these NFTs will be available for minting, while the remaining 2,000 will be distributed to the team, advisors, partners, and mystery boxes.

Players can apply for a whitelist spot to mint a SkyReign Immortal for $50. The whitelist will open on August 19th and only 1,000 spots are available. The public pre-mint will open on September 5th and will cost $99. The final supply of 4,000 SkyReign Immortals will be available once Sky City reaches open beta in November 2023. The price of these NFTs will be set to the current floor price at the time.

The SkyReign Immortal collection is a founder-style PFP that offers a variety of benefits, including early access to Sky City, exclusive in-game items, and voting rights on future developments.

Players who are interested in minting a SkyReign Immortal should visit the Alterverse website to learn more and apply for a whitelist spot.

What is AlterVerse?

AlterVerse is a new metaverse in development. It is a decentralized, 3D, multiplayer, interconnected, and VR-enabled platform. Players can own servers and create their own customizable, pre-built environments and games.

At the centre of AlterVerse is Sky City, a social hub with customizable spaces and storefronts for partnerships. Sky City is currently in beta testing and is considered Phase 1 of AlterVerse. It is a large, sci-fi Social Hub with quests and various mini-games including racing and mech fighting. It also includes a growing number of partner storefronts that players can visit and interact with.

Phase 2 of AlterVerse will include Outpost, a FPS, sci-fi shooter with quests, mining, and crafting. Phase 3 will bring us Rekt, a hardcore survival game set on a hostile planet. Expect to see alphas for both Outpost and Rekt soon.

AlterVerse is a promising new metaverse that offers a variety of features and experiences for players. It is a decentralized platform that gives players control over the content, making it a unique and exciting place to explore.

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