Skyweaver is Set to Launch Legacy Hero NFT Skins

Apart from their unique cosmetic looks, Legacy Hero Skins also offer an economic sink for Gold cards and a bonus to Conquest players. Here's how to get one of them!

Sep 20, 2022
by Akira Ming
Skyweaver is Set to Launch Legacy Hero NFT Skins

Skyweaver is releasing Legacy Hero Skins

Horizon Blockchain Games, the team behind the free-to-play trading card game (TCG) Skyweaver, is launching a new set of NFTs - Legacy Hero Skins on September 22nd. There will be 15 different skins in total, with one for each Hero in the game. 

Apart from offering amazing cosmetic looks, these NFT Skins also provide an economic sink for Gold cards and a bonus to Conquest players. To get one of them, buyers will need to burn 10 Gold cards and pay a minting fee in USDC. 

Even if you don't have any Gold cards, you can still purchase Hero Skins entirely with USDC. Upon payment, the system will automatically purchase Gold cards from the market to mint the Hero Skin(s). 

One thing to take note of is that there's no limit to the number of these NFT skins. The minting fee, however, will start from 20 USDC and increase exponentially each time 10 of that particular skins are minted. 

As shown in the table below, the cost bumps up a lot starting from the 20th skin. Those who want to avoid paying massive fees may want to consider buying them as soon as possible.  

What are the perks of having a Legacy Hero Skin? 

According to Skyweaver, players holding a Legacy Hero Skin can receive 25% more Conquest points from Conquest matches. These points can be accumulated to redeem a Conquest Treasure by the end of the week. In fact, the more points you have, the better the rewards!

To those who don't know, Conquest is one of the most challenging PvP game modes in Skyweaver. How it works is that you will enter with one Conquest Ticket (need to purchase) and play until you win 3 matches or lose 1. 

If you win all three matches, you will get one Gold card and a Silver card as a reward. If you win two games in a row, you will win two Silver cards. Those who only win one match will receive one Silver card instead. 

Of course, you can always try out other free game modes, such as Ranked PvP, to win some Silver cards. Skillful players, though, will benefit the most from Skyweaver as they stand to win rarer NFT cards and sell them for a decent profit in the marketplace. 

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