Solice Releases Details Of August Developments

The month saw developments in game design, improvements in technical issues, especially the rendering pipeline, the launch of a new game version, and AMA with LIQNFT.

Sep 9, 2022
by Michael
Solice Releases Details Of August Developments

Game Development and Technical Updates

The blockchain-based VR metaverse game, Solice, has released details of the developments in August.

Via a blog post, the game team said, 

“August has been a great month for development. We are making headway progress on the game engine and game assets as well as the mechanics. Currently, we are in a phase where we can start thinking about the game logistics.”

The team worked on the game design, customizing the second island by designing the landscape and the map. They are also working on making the third island available as soon as possible.

They replaced the rendering pipeline, thus solving the issues surrounding stuttering and high rendering overheads. They also positioned target configuration to run on graphic cards and independent VR devices, made 50% progress in project recourses, sorted out the project catalog, reduced rendering overhead by 50% to optimize performance, upgraded the rendering pipeline from HDRP to URP, and made Edit and Editor ready in production mode.

Concerning the rendering pipeline upgrade, Solice said, 

“We are happy to announce that the build system is currently being developed, which will allow players to build freely in their own space, by creating 3D items.”

New Version and AMA

The team upgraded the engine version from 2019.04.30 to 2021.3.8f1c1. This update will support version URLs, increase the compilation rate, burst Compiler update, boost editor performance, and provide light cookies, decal, and Unity Safe Mode. It will also solve issues surrounding Light Layers, Terrain Tools, Lightmap Quality, Depth pre-pass, Deferred render, and Scene view.

Solice organized an AMA with LIQNFT where the Lead Architect of Solice had a great discussion on blockchain and partnership between both teams. Participants of the recently launched hackathon will have to work on their submitted ideas this month.

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