Sony forays into the Metaverse with Motion-Tracking Wearables

Sony, the Japanese consumer electronics giant, unveiled the new-age motion tracking wearable series Mocopi in Tokyo.

Dec 2, 2022
by Anvi Saini
Sony forays into the Metaverse with Motion-Tracking Wearables

It is a small, portable motion capture device that enables real-time control of a digital avatar in metaverse programs like VR Chat. This technology uses compact, lightweight equipment to capture the motion of the entire body.

In an official statement, Sony said,

"We would introduce Mocopi Kits and release them to users in January 2023 at an affordable price of 49,500 yen ($360)...Also, from December 15th (Thursday), we plan to provide a software development kit (SDK) that can link the acquired motion data to Metaverse services and 3D development software."

In order to record in-the-moment human movements and connect them to an avatar, the new system consists of six colorful sensors attached to various parts of the body, including the ankles, wrists, head, and hips. Furthermore,  Sony has made a video that demonstrates how users can strap the sensors to their bodies, calibrate them, and connect them to the app. The video also shows how user avatars in apps imitate movement in the real world. Sony clearly mentioned in the movie,

"Normally, video production using motion capture requires dedicated equipment and operators…By utilizing our proprietary algorithm, Mocopi creates highly accurate motion measurement with a small number of sensors, freeing VTubers (virtual streamers) and creators involved in movie and animation production from time and place constraints."

Sony Motion Sensor: Let's Dig into the details

The sensors are 32mm in diameter and weigh only 8 grams. Sensors are powered by batteries and come with a charging case. Sony claims that each sensor has a battery life of up to 10 hours, depending on usage.
They even have IP65 protection against dust and water splashes.

Connect each sensor to a smartphone via Bluetooth to get started. Video recordings will be saved as an MP4 file with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p and a maximum frame rate of 30fps.

On December 15th, Sony will release a software development kit for creating custom avatars. Motion data can also be edited using 3D development software such as MotionBuilder and the Unity game engine. The complete list of supported software has yet to be revealed.

Mocopi will only be available in Japan and will go on sale in late January 2023 for 49,500 yen (approximately $356). Pre-orders will be available in mid-December.

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