Sorare Launches Global 3D Card Treasure Hunt with AC Milan Prize

Sorare offers football fans a chance to win a trip to attend an AC Milan match. The treasure hunt unfolds across three cities, requiring participants to uncover clues that lead to a hidden treasure in an Ethereum wallet.

Sep 6, 2023
by Michael
Sorare Launches Global 3D Card Treasure Hunt with AC Milan Prize

Sorare is set to kick off an exciting global treasure hunt ahead of the 2023-24 European season. Football enthusiasts and Sorare Managers have the chance to win a trip to attend an AC Milan match in Europe, among other prizes.

Treasure Hunt Details

The treasure hunt, known as #Sorare3DHunt, spans three cities and offers participants the opportunity to explore and uncover clues that lead to a hidden treasure. The grand prize includes:

  1. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to fly with the AC Milan team to attend an away match in Europe.
  2. Two tickets to the AC Milan away match.
  3. Five 2022-23 AC Milan Rare Cards.

In addition to the grand prize, Sorare is offering Sorare merchandise to numerous participants, including Sorare hats. Moreover, the treasure hunt contains a hidden word that leads to a one-month Champion Europe Limited Private League. When this private league reaches 500 participants, it will be closed, and the top 50 managers in the league will win two Premier League tickets each.

The Challenge

The treasure's location is secured in an Ethereum wallet, which participants need to unlock using a master password of 12 words. Throughout the hunt, Sorare will release teaser videos containing clues, with some words being more challenging to find than others. The community is encouraged to collaborate and share discoveries on Sorare's Discord and social media channels using the hashtag #Sorare3DHunt.

The Experience

The treasure hunt marks a significant moment in Sorare's history as it introduces 3D player cards for the upcoming season. Beyond winning, participants are encouraged to embrace the sense of community, challenge, and adventure that the hunt offers. It's a unique opportunity to be part of Sorare's journey and potentially attend an AC Milan match.

Sorare is committed to providing updates, hints, and reveals to make the treasure hunt engaging and rewarding for all participants. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of Sorare.

The hunt begins, and the ultimate football adventure awaits those who dare to participate!

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