Sorare Unveils Competition for Top European Second Division Football Leagues

Popular Fantasy football video game, Sorare has announced the commencement of coverage for the top European second division.

Aug 21, 2022
by Michael
Sorare Unveils Competition for Top European Second Division Football Leagues

Sorare announced the commencement of a new competition called “Second Division Europe”. The competition will begin on Friday, August 26th (Game Week 300), and players will be able to play in the following leagues: German Bundesliga 2, Spanish La Liga 2, Italian Serie B, French Ligue 2 and the EFL Championship. 

The competition will be released in the Fall, and managers will be updated on the event's timing. All cards must be players from the second division of  Champion Europe leagues. Players will earn Second division Champion Europe starters and regulars as rewards.

Requirements for the competition

The Second Division competition will be divided into five modes: Limited, Rare, Rare Pro, Super Rare and Unique. A total of 5 cards is needed to play any of these modes. The combination for each mode differs as follows: 

  • Second Division Europe Limited: Five limited cards
  • Second Division Europe Rare: Five Rare Cards
  • Second Division EuropeRare Pro: Three Rare cards & Two Super Rare Cards
  • Second Division Europe Super Rare: Three Super Rare cards, One Rare card &  One Unique card.
  • Second Division Europe Unique: Three Unique cards & Two Super Rare cards. 

Henceforth, Championship players won’t be eligible to participate in Challenger Europe and will be restricted to play only in the Second Division Europe competitions.

Finally, all second-division player cards will be able to enter the global competition, which is also applicable to any player featured in the card. The second league is relatively more competitive compared to other games. Global competitions include Global All-Star, Global Under 23, Specialist, Underdog and Special Weeklies. The team is excited to see Sorare Managers scout for new and emerging talent in Division 2 leagues.

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