Sorare's Enhanced Referral Program Shifts Focus to Referral Credits

Sorare, the fantasy sports gaming platform, is introducing a revamped Referral Program in October. This update shifts from card-based rewards to Referral Credits, offering users flexibility to purchase digital player cards.

Oct 8, 2023
by Michael
Sorare's Enhanced Referral Program Shifts Focus to Referral Credits

Sorare, the popular fantasy sports gaming platform, is giving its Referral Program a significant makeover. In a move aimed at better catering to its Manager community, Sorare is set to launch a revamped Referral Program in mid-October. The key change in this overhaul is the transition from card-based rewards to a more versatile credit-based system.

This transformation stems from community feedback, revealing a desire for more flexibility among users. While many enjoyed receiving specific Sorare player cards as referral rewards, the new approach introduces Referral Credits. These credits, similar to vouchers, empower users to purchase digital player cards from the Primary Sales Market.

Sorare places a high premium on safety and authenticity. To maintain the integrity of the platform, the team diligently monitors and combats referral fraud using rigorous tracking methods. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious activities to uphold transparency.

Understanding Referral Credits:

Before the Official October Rollout:

Referrers: Successful referrals, where the new user buys five cards or a starter pack within a month of joining, earn referring individuals credits providing a 50% discount on Primary Market purchases. This translates to savings of up to €20/£20/$20, depending on the user's currency preference. However, this credit must be used within a week, and any card bought with it cannot be resold for two weeks.

Referees: Newly referred members receive a Limited Card.

After the October Rollout:

  • Both parties will receive a 50% discount on the Primary Market, subject to the same conditions mentioned earlier.

The new system also introduces a progressive reward mechanism. For instance, if you bring in two new members in a day, your discount doubles, allowing you to save up to €40/£40/$40 on a purchase. Moreover, specific referral milestones will continue to offer card rewards:

  • 3 referrals = Tier 2 Limited Card.
  • 5 referrals = Tier 4 Rare Card.
  • 10 referrals = Tier 3 Rare Card.
  • 15 referrals = Tier 4 Super Rare Card.
  • 30 referrals = Tier 4 Unique Card.

Existing members won't lose their previous referral counts, ensuring they still receive the corresponding reward if they're close to reaching a milestone.

Earning these credits is simple. Users need to share their referral link, accessible at, with potential new members. Once the referee joins and makes the necessary purchases, both parties will receive rewards, which will shift to credits once the October update is live. Sorare's commitment to enhancing the gaming experience and rewarding its community is evident in these changes.

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